A Performance No One Will Be Forgetting: Raph

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You were sweating. They just started the champion.game of the soccer season. So far, your team was in the lead, 5-4. But the other team had the ball. Since you and Crutchie pestered the principal, it was a mixed team of boys and girls. You watched as Crutchie kicked the ball toward you. You kicked it near the goalie and the goalie kicked it further into the field. The other team made a goal and there were 30 seconds remained. You looked at Raph and Ash as they cheered for you. You nodded and someone passed the ball to you. You kicked it toward the goalie...

...the buzzer for the end of the game went off...

"GOOOOAAAAAALLLLLLLLL!!!" The coach cried as the audience cheered. "That's my girl!! WOOOHHH!!" Raph said and hi-fived Ash. She and Raph ed at you and you gave them a thumbs up. "We won!!" Crutchie said and hugged you. "I'm glad", you said.

(A/n: OMG I LITTERALLY LAUGHED WHILE MAKING THIS!! Have a good day everyone!!)

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