Uncle Needs To Pay Attention: Donnie

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  You sat down in the living room with your uncle Raph. He was reading a magazine an  had headphones on. Every few.minutes, he'd look up at you to make  sure you were there. You sat quietly reading the Japanese book that your father gave you. "(Y/n). I need help with my legs. They're a bit rusty", a voice called. You slowly walked away from your uncle and to the opening of the lair. You saw a giant fish in front of you. You tried to scream, but the fish covered your mouth. He put and note in your blanket and put you in a cage. He pulled you out of the sewers and into an unknown area (to you).

    When Donnie saw you weren't with Raphael he screamed. "RAPH YOU CAN'T EVEN WATCH A CHILD!!" Donnie screamed at him. Donnie found the blanket and note. He read the note; it said: I have her in my grasp. One small rescue could mean her life. - Xever. He choked back tears and grabbed his staff. "I'm going to save her, even if it's the last this I do", he said and ran out to look for his little girl.

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