Saving You: Mikey

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  You sat in a cell with nothing in it exept you. You shivered. The freaky wolf-guy had been watching you, and once in a while, another mutant came along to talk to him. You had been here for two days with only bread and water. No pizza, no games, no love, no nothing except pain and homesickness. "Micheal Angelo wouldn't be stupid enough to come and recuse a small weakling like you. Even I would have thrown you to the streets by now. I'll finish you off for sure!!" He cried and stood up. "She's not weak!! I love her the way she is!!" Mikey yelled. The Wolf turned around to face him enemy. "Well well, look what we have here. Turtle soup!!" He said and cackled. "No turtle left behind. That's our rule Razahr", Mikey said and swing his knunchucks at Razahr. He sparred with the dog for a few minutes until the wolf was distracted. Mikey broke the cell down and grabbed you. "Sayonara sucka!!" Mikey yelled and escaped with you crying on his plastron.

  When you got home, Mikey set you in front of the t.v. and put on Teen Titans Go! (Reference right there!! BAMM WHAT!!) You could literally see the smoke coming from his ears. "LEO!! YOU'RE THE RESPONSIBLE ONE!! HOW COULD YOU?!" Mikey fumed as he threw multiple ninja stars at him. "It wasn't [ow!] My [ow!] Fault OWWW!!" Leo said as he was impailed with stars. Your eyes were glued to the t.v. the whole argument.

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