First Halloween: Leo

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You sat down on the couch watching Winnie The Pooh. You have been obssesed with those movies for about 2 weeks now. It was a day before Halloween. You'd seen your dad only a couple times this week, once to tuck you in, another to change your diaper. Your uncles Donnie and Raph have been watching you. Raph was in the corner of the room, punching the living stuff out of the punching bag. You had a Pooh toy in your left hand and your blanket in the other. "Finally!!" Leo shouted from his room. You and Raph both look at the hall. Leo has his hands behind his back. Donnie and Mikey both come out of the dojo. "Lady and gentlemen, I give you, Tigger!!" Leo said, holding up a Tigger costume. You and your uncles clap, the boys do more of a golf clap instead.

  Leo picks you up and takes you to his room. With his help, he gets you into the costume. You come back out with the costume on and little black whiskers on your face. "That looks awesome Leo!!" Mikey said. Raph nodded. "I think it fits well", Donnie said. Leo smiled and you hug him. "Aww!!" Mikey says. You giggle.

  The next day, all of your uncles dress up as different people/characters as well as your dad. That evening was fun. You got lots of candy as well as the boys. After coming home and counting, you had all collected 1,237 pieces of candy. Leo tucked you in and you soon fell asleep.

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