Happy Mutation Day!!: Raph

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You were sitting the dojo as your dad punched the crap out of a punching bag. He was extremely pissed off that he forgot something, but couldn't remember it. He knocked the punching bag off the hook. Venus looked up, ten continued munching her leaf. You watched as Raph grabbed the bag and placed it back on the hook. It bugged him all day that he didn't remember. It was when he put you to bed he remembered. It was your flipping birthday tomorrow!! Raph put on a watch and turned human, grabbed cash, and raced out of the lair. He bought you balloons, a giant sign, a little giraffe toy that was pink, a present for you. He raced back to the lair and decorated the lair as much as possible before crashing on the couch. Miley baked the cake of Vanilla, Leo helped with streamers, and Splinter was being taught by Donnie how to use the camera.

After a long 4 hours, 56 minutes, and 10 seconds, everyone was pooped out on the floor or cough or if you were Master Splinter, in his room.

In the morning, you woke up at six and threw your plastic cup at the door, which banged on the door. Raph lazily opened the door and picked up the cup. He rubbed his eyes and picked you up, handing you your cup. He gave you a soft smile. He carried you out all the way to the couch and set you down. Streamers wove in and out of the beams and pipes of the lair, each wrapped around another. Presents wrapped in green were sitting next to the couch.

You got a new cup from Leo, a set of cool clothes from Mikey, a pair of new shoes with matching laces from Donnie, and the toy from Raph. Raph smiled and bent down. He smiled at you, one of his rare soft smiles. He sighed and looked at your (e/c) eyes.

"I've....saved this", he said and handed you a pair of kleets. You looked confused at them. "I saw them the day you were here, and I got them. I think uncle Mikey would be happy to teach along with me", he said. Mikey waved and smiled. Master Splinter motioned you to come over to him.

"You also have my permission to train with your father, young one", he said. You bowed as he bowed back. You are some of your cake, then smashed a fist in some of it, picked it up, and shoved it in your mouth. Mikey choked on his milk as everyone laughed.

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