Finding You: Leonardo

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Leo jumped around for several hours, running around the city. He finally came across TCRI. He paused for a moment to wait for his brothers, but heard a yell. It's sounded like a baby. He jumped off the roof and into a nearby alleyway. "Leo?" Mikey asked. "I'll meet you guys at the lair", Leo said. He looked around and followed the screaming.

He found a little basket inside an alleyway. He opened it and inside was a little baby girl. He smiled and poked her nose. The baby sneezed and Leo laughed. He looked around and set the baby back in the basket. He waited all night, but the baby was never taken away. He then decided to take it home. He grabbed the basket and started toward the lair.

When he got there, his brothers looked at him weirdly. "I'm keeping it", Leo said and showed them the little girl. "And you may my son. If you are responsible enough", Splinter said as he walked by. Leo smirked at the other brothers and they all rolled their eyes.

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