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You were just getting off the bus when you spotted Crutchie sitting on a bench. You casually walked over. "Hi!!" He said. You smiled. "Guess what?!" He asked. "What?" You asked. "Thanks to my doc, I'll have a minor limp and won't haffta use these dawn crutches again", he said. You smiled. "I'm glad", you said. You helped him up an  to your first period class.

You were in you uniform for P.E., waiting for Crutchie, when a few guys from soccer came over. "Aren't you a cutie? Are you a library book, cause I am totally checking you out!!" One said. You rolled your eyes. "Why be with a boy like him when you can have men like us?" Another asked, flexing his muscles. "Look Gaston, I don't want you or anyone. I am with some one else", you said. "And she doesn't need a buncha jackasses added to her life!!" Crutchie yelled as (bff) threw crab apples at them. They ran away with their tails in between their legs. "How about a slow walk?" He asked an  You link arms with him.

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