When Things Get Weird: Donnie

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April was babysitting you (which you hated), when Donnie came into the lab. "April, (y/n). I have to introduce someone to you", he said. He stepped away and you saw a girl. She had long brown hair that reached her waist, Aqua eyes that shore like the sea, and thick black glasses. She was about half a head smaller than Donnie, but you were amazed that Donnie found someone other than April.

"I-I'm Ally", she said (truth revealed!! That is actually my real name. A lot of my friends actually call me Emma for some random reason). "My name is
(y/n)", you said and shook her hand.

Meanwhile, April was fuming on the inside, but shore a bright smile on her face. "Why would he go with someone as ugly as her?!" She mentally said to herself. "Nice to meet you Ally", she said and walked out. "Hey guys!!" Casey said and walked into the lab. He had his arm around a girl with blonde hair and blue highlights. "This is Ollie", Casey said. You smiled. "Get some Casey", you said to yourself.

"Watashi wa anata ga nihongo o hanasu kikimashita", Ally said. "Hai,-sōdesu! ! Tokorode, 4 tsuki ni wa, hitotsu no ōkina bakadesu!", you said and she laughed. "Ok now guys", Donnie said and you both laughed again.

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