First Halloween: Donnie

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Sitting in your dad's lab, you played with blocks. Lately, you had been obsessing over a show on t.v. called Mickey Mouse Clubhouse. (Yes, I had no other one). You had Minnie in sitting on a block and your blanket was around you like a dress. You put one block onto of the other and put Minnie onto. "Hi (y/n)", Donnie said as he ran past you. You look at him while he fixes something of his and put  it on the wall. "There", he said. You burp. He looks at you. "Do you want to know what this is?" He asks. You shake your head no and continue to build your blocks. Donnie goes to his room and comes back with a box. He sets it in front of you. He opens it.

  Inside is a little Minnie costume (complete with bow and Yellow shoes AND ears!!). You smile and look at it. You grab the bow and put it on Donnie's arm. He laughs and puts it in your hair. You smile at him.

  Halloween night, thanks to your costume, you got lots of candy. The people gushed at your costume left and right. You soon fell asleep in your dad's lab and he took you to your room. He then crashed out on the floor for the night.

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