Adventure In The Sewers And Meeting A New Friend: Raph

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  You were in your room and staring at a comic book in your lap. Because you couldn't read, you grew frustrated at the symbols on the paper. You put it under your pillow and grabbed your blanket. You threw it over the bars of the crib and slid through the small opening between the bars. You then grabbed your blanket and dashed out of the lair into the sewers. You walked a while and soon found a ladder. You grabbed onto the rungs and started to climb them. When you were halfway up, something grabbed you and threw you a good yard away from the ladder. "Well well well. What's Raphael's kid doin' here?" Spike said. "Your took weak to do anything I'm guessing, so you should be easy to beat up", he said and threw a punch. You dodged it and grabbed his arm. He growled as you threw him just as far as he'd thrown you. Spike ran at you and grabbed your leg. He held his weapon u, ready to strike. You closed your eyes,waiting for impact. "PUT HER DOWN YOU OVER SIZED ASSHOLE!!" Ralph yelled and tackled Spike. He dropped you as he dueled Raph. The duel went out to the abandon subway center, with multiple pieces of shards of glass on the floor and a giant unbroken glass pane leaning up against the wall. Spike punched your father hard and seized you. He grabbed your leg and threw you against the pane of glass. You shattered the pane and fell behind it. The pane then smashed on top of you as you screamed weakly. You had tears running down your cheeks as Raph kicked Spike away and grabbed you from under the pane. He then dashed back to the lair with an unconscious daughter in his hands and his enemy yelling insults behind his back. The insults grew faint as a scream erupted through out the sewers. "Get it away!! I hate you turtles!!" Spike bellowed. 

  When Raph got to the lair, he went straight to Donnie's lab. Donnie's eyes grew wide at the sight of the shards piercing your skin. Raph was panting and sweating but he didn't care. His family came first before him. While he helped Donnie, nobody noticed a little turtle wobble into the lab. It stood behind Raph as he fixed you. Ralph backed away and slid on the turtle's shell. Ralph fell backwards. "What the..?" Raph said as he picked up the turtle. "You must have been the turtle that scared the shit out of Spike", Raph said. It nodded and looked at you. Raph put the turtle down next to you as Donnie stitched the last stitch on you. The small turtle stayed by you until you woke up. 

(Next day)


  You sat with the turtle in your room and played with your blanket. You had been thinking about a named since Raph let you keep it. Something to match the family. Something that screamed, 'Awesome!!'. You were still deciding when Raph walked in. "How about Joey?" Raph said. You shook your head. "Shell?" Leo suggested. "Dribble?" Donnie suggested. "Micheal Angelo the second?" Mikey suggested. Everyone gave him a glare. Raph snapped his fingers. "Venus?" He asked. You nodded in approval. For the rest of the day, you play with your new turtle friend, Venus. 

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