First Words: Raph

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  You sat on the floor of the dojo watching your tough dad punch the punching bag. You had your red blanket in your hand as he knocked the bag off its hanger. Raph wiped the sweat from his head and looked at you. He gave a small grin at you and grabbed the bag from the other end of the dojo. He put it back on and walked over to you. He picked you up. "Woah!! You smell like uncle Mikey!!" He said. "HEY!!" Mikey yelled from the other room. Raph rolled his eyes. He took you to your room and changed your diaper. April had been nice enough to bring down from up-top a few supplies for Raph and you. Since she took babysitting, she taught Raph the basics of being a dad. Every month or so, April would give Raph the things he needed and he in return, would help her train along with Donnie.

  After changing your diaper, he sat you down on the couch. "There", he said and sat down next to you. "Dada", you said, poking Raph in the arm. Raph' s eyes widened. He smiled. "Well, it took you a while but it sounds good", he said. You gave him a confusing look. He laughed. "Come're you!!" He said and gave you a soft nuggie. You laughed at your dad.

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