You Get News: Leo

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You had just gotten home and were in your room when you heard footsteps running toward the bathrooms and a vomiting sound. You gagged and ran to the bathroom to see Monica throwing up. Leo came in and sat next to her, holding her hair. You knew something was up, because you'd just seen a play about puberty and stuff called Nightmare On Puberty Street (it's a real thing). The only reason you were allowed to see it was because you were in 8th grade and no one else came except your grade, 8th.

Monica shooed Leo and you out and shut the door. You heard water hit water and Leo exchanged a cocked eyebrow glance. She came out, looking pale. She whispered something to Leo and he smiled. They both turned to you.

"What would you think if you had a brother or sister?" She asked. "I dunno. I've never had them", you said. "Well, your going to have a sibling", Monica said. You stared wide eyed at her. "R-really?!" You asked. She nodded. "OHH GET SOME LEO!!" Raph yelled from the main room. Leo bolted and tackled Raph while you and Monica laughed extremely hard. You were excited to have a new addition to the Hamato family.

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