Uncle Needs To Pay Attention: Leo

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(Special thing here!! Just to let you know, I have a book with this title. So check it out!!)

   You were playing in Donnie's lab. He was working on a small watch of some sort. "I'll be back", Donnie said exiting. You nod and keep playing. "(Y/n). Come to the garage. I need help", a voice called. You go to the back of the lab and saw no one there. You gripped you cape and used the new word you learned. "Hello?" You asked. "Right here", someone said. You gasped and turned around. There stood a giant tiger-like mutant. He grabbed you. You kicked and punched, but it was no use. He had a tight grip on you. You cried. "Uncwl Dwonnwe!!" You shouted. You dropped your blue blanket and the tiger wrapped a paper in the blanket. He smirked and carried you off into the abandoned sewers.

(No one's P.O.V.)

   Donnie returned and saw you weren't anywhere. "(Y/n)? Where are you?!" He asked and freaked out. Leo walked in. When he saw you were gone he narrowed his eyes at Donnie. "WHERE IS SHE?!" Leo yelled. Leo found the blue blanket that you had with you everywhere. A note said: We have her-

Tigerclaw. Leo growled. He ran out of the lab and grabbed his katanas. "Where are you going?" Mikey asked. "To get my daughter back", Leo said and ran into the sewers.

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