Halloween!!: Mikey

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You looked in the mirror and smiled. You made Mikey a Batman suit and you were dress up as a girl in a boys outfit from 1899. You smiled and smudged some black paint on your face. "Ready?!" Kitty said and came in with a Wonder Woman suit on. You nodded. Tonight was a Father Daughter/Mother Son dance and Mikey was taking you in human form while Kitty took Dede and Sky trick or treating for the first time since they were only 12 months old. You and Mikey raced out of the place and up to the school.

You walked in and music blasted. There were people all over the place. (Bff) came up to you and you smiled at her. "Welcome!! Come on!! The dance is about to start!!" She said and dragged you away as Mikey talked to her father. "Is everyone here?!" You called backstage. Since Blink and his Newsies were performing tomorrow, so you and the Girlsies were dancing tonight.

The show went nicely and you didn't mess up. Suddenly, a song came on and you and Mikey smiled. He too you out onto the dance floor and you both started dancing with the other fathers and daughters. The night was awesome.

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