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TMNT Raphael x Male! Reader - Hello Stranger by greenleaf2790
TMNT Raphael x Male! Reader - Hell...by Bee
Raph never really put much thought into other vigilantes in New York. That is, until He came along. There needs to be more Male readers so here I am writing one. Also...
TMNT-Dark side by nebluelax_
TMNT-Dark sideby トリシア 石黒
Mikey is the happy-go-lucky one. Always laughing, smiling, pranking...heck, he'd be awarded the most smiles award if there were one. When Mikey screws-up yet again, his...
Why Brothers, Why? A TMNT story (Completed) by Cyan_Writes
Why Brothers, Why? A TMNT story (C...by Cyan_Writes
Mikey is hurt by his brothers mean words and falls into depression. He ends up getting captured by identical copies of his brothers and Mikey can't tell the difference...
Tmnt Lost by IronMan2105
Tmnt Lostby IronMan2105
What happens when one night while out after getting in an argument with his brothers Ralph, finds a little girl on the shore near the river severely injured, and what ha...
The Words That Hurt Me by Crydiamon
The Words That Hurt Meby LTL-maker
A general rule of thumb for any type of story telling media is to not have more than five main characters. Often, these five are separated into categories, the leader, t...
SCARLESS | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ✔️ by emxsal
SCARLESS | Teenage Mutant Ninja Tu...by em
BOOK ONE scar•less (adjective) tending to leave no scar or blemish ••• I don't remember when it started. I don't remember how, where or why. But it started. This war. T...
The clash of two dimensions  by LIGHTASALIGHT
The clash of two dimensions by Light
My first crossover fanfiction! The turtles get sucked up in a krang portal and land on a beach. Read on to find out what's in store for our heros as the meet the crystal...
It's Chemical {Donnie x Reader} (Donatello x Reader) (TMNT x Reader) by OnlyFoolsLove
It's Chemical {Donnie x Reader} (D...by OnlyFoolsLove
This is how you, young Dr. (y/n), fall in love with Donatello. An outbreak in New York has caused deathly mutants to run wild, and you are one of the fortunate few to su...
Teeth Of Steel by ASHT0N_WRITES
Teeth Of Steelby Asht0n
Mikey has had intense mouth pain for the past few weeks, one day the pain reaches its climax and Mike finds out what has been causing all this pain And what he finds is...
TMNT Daughter Scenarios by GirlMeetsTMNT
TMNT Daughter Scenariosby ➳Follow MYTUMBLR➳
Yes people!! Title says it all!! My first scenarios book!! This is not a one-shot though. It will follow a story line. Please read and enjoy!! [#wattys2016]
His Baby Girl: TMNT Daughter Scenarios (Temporarily Discontinued) by jetblaack
His Baby Girl: TMNT Daughter Scena...by jetblaack
Have you ever wondered what it would be like to have a teenage mutant ninja turtle as a daddy? Well, allow me to bring your imagination to life through this book! You'll...
When the sun goes down, the moon comes up and Midnight comes to play.  by Aplombt
When the sun goes down, the moon c...by ||Midnight||
Michelangelo is a nice, loving, carefree turtle who loves his family. But .. what happens when things take a turn? Michelangelo gives love but never receives any back. W...
Raphael x reader by Darkness_chan
Raphael x readerby Darkness_chan
Simple boy meets girl story. Only the boy is a 6 foot tall terrapin. Y/n's life just became waaay complex. Slowburn If you have a fun idea you'd like to read please drop...
TMNT x Reader boyfriend scenarios. [ complete ] by Author-Dayo
TMNT x Reader boyfriend scenarios...by Author-Dayo
A lot of small boyfriends scenarios with your favorite turtle 🐢 Enjoy❤️
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Reader by The2tailedfoxy
Mission Failed ~ Leonardo x Readerby the2tailedfoxy
You were a TMNT Geek. Your life was pretty good at your Boarding School, until the day Shredder came. Asking of a student with high grades from each subject to take with...
TMNT x Reader Raphael [ complete ] by Author-Dayo
TMNT x Reader Raphael [ complete ]by Author-Dayo
It's a you and Raph love story With drama, action, romance and some fun additions This is my 2nd tmnt work hope you like it.
Blue Can Fade To Black (rottmnt) by TheFenicFox
Blue Can Fade To Black (rottmnt)by fenic fox
Leonardo had always had insecurities and felt worthless next to his brothers. A series of events send him spiraling into depression and self loathing. As tensions and mi...
TMNT: A New Recruit by Ninjacat25
TMNT: A New Recruitby Ninjacat25
Book One in the Series
tmnt imagines by sarahthenerd
tmnt imaginesby what’s up doc 🧡
Basically imagines of your favourite turtles. Started: Feb/26/19 Ended: ongoing 1K ~ 07/01/19 *MILD LANGUAGE* *I do not own the show nor any of the characters* no reque...
Shattered 2 by LIGHTASALIGHT
Shattered 2by Light
Shattered Part 2! Ok, before reading this book pls read the 1st book. thank you! The cover picture was not made by me. I only crafted the cover. That's all. It's been al...