First Day Of School: Leo

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"Daddy, why do I have to wear this tie and collared shirt and plaid shirt with tennis shoes?!" You asked as Leo buttoned up your shirt. "Because it's your first day of Kindergarten. You always want to make a good impression on the first day", Donnie said as he braided your hair. You knew that when you were five you had to go to school. But you were scared that no one would like you or think you were nice or anything. Leo put on a watch and changed to his human form. He took your hand and walked out of the lair with you. You wore a white shirt and a green and white and yellow plaid bow tie. You skirt was the same color and your shoes were baby blue. Your backpack was packed with an apple and a slice of pizza with pineapple. Your backpack was green and your hair tie had a bow on it that was the same plaid as you now tie. Your side bangs were pinned back by bobbie-pins that matched your (h/c) hair. You and your dad walked on the sidewalk and soon found the school. Your dad kissed your forehead. "Bye (y/n), I'll see you after school right here ok?" He said. You nodded and he smiled. "Bye daddy!!" You called as he walked away.

You walked to the playground and soon  found your class. The door was open as you walked in. The teacher looked over at you and smiled. With her was a little boy who had a red scarf wrapped around his neck. He had a white collared shirt and brown pants, the usually boyish look for uniform. The teacher came over to you. "Hi!! I'm Miss Zion!! Who are you?" She asked. Miss Zion had a green skirt on and a white collared long sleeve. Her brown flats matched her long brown hair. "(Y/n)", you said. "Well (y/n), this is Jack. He's in this class also", Miss Zion said. You held out your hand to Jack. He shook it. You smiled and walked out with Jack. "Hi", he said. He had a Brooklyn accent in his voice. "Hi", you said back.

The rest of the day was very fun for you and Jack. You met a girl named (bff's name) and made friends quickly with him/her. After school, Leo picked you up from the corner and you two went home. "How was the first day?" Mikey asked. "Good. I met two people today and they're really nice. I also met the teacher who is nice also and she showed us a video about a farmer and his dog", you said. Donnie smiled. "Did anyone say anything about your hair?" He asked. Leo face palmed. "Only the teacher did", you said. "Ah", he said and walked into his lab. You smiled as you took the braid out. "Any homework?" Leo asked. "No, but there's homework next week", you said. Justin barked and jumped on you as he licked your face. You giggled and picked him up. Leo checked your bag. "Nope, nothing that's homework wise", Leo said as he grabbed your lunch box. He smiled seeing that your blanket was still in the backpack. You carried it everywhere, along with a flower comb Splinter gave you when you first became apart of the family (it was green btw). He smiled as he went to unpack your lunch in the kitchen.

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