Adventure In The Sewers And Meeting A New Friend: Donnie

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  You were in Donnie's lab, eating Saltine Crackers while your dad was on his computer. He wrote down something on a piece of paper once every few minutes. You snuck out of the lab and into the sewers. You walked around in circles, seeing the same tin can every five minutes. You heard a small noise coming from another tunnel. You ran into the tunnel, which lead to a roaring waterfall. You hid behind a wall and peaked out from behind it. The floor was littered with bird cages. All of them held a bird inside. There were canaries, mockingbirds, robins, bluejays, you name it. Fishface was throwing one into the river. You shuddered. He noticed you and attacked you. He kicked you hard in the gut and  threw you over the edge of the waterfall. You gripped onto the railing with water pouring on your back. You did a back flip and landed on solid ground. You were soaking wet and your hands were bleeding, along with your side. "Hitori de no tori no mama ni!! Matawa watashi wa anata ga jaku kizutsukemasu!!" You yelled. (Translation: Leave the birds alone!! Or I'll hurt you bad you jerk!!) Fishface smirked and threw a bird cage at you. You caught it and set the Phoenix inside free. Your vision suddenly blurred. Fish face had jabbed you through the heart. "(Y/n)!!!" Donnie yelled at you. The phoenix you set free pecked angrily at Fishface as he ran away. The bird perched on top of Donnie's shoulder as he picked you up and ran away. 

  When Donnie got to the lair, he drew blood from himself and put retro mutagen in the blood, cleansing his mutagen away and leaving plain human blood behind. He put this in a bag and injected a needle into your arm and started surgery on you. You heart rate picked up to normal speed when he was done. He injected another needle inside you other arm as a hydration needle. The phoenix watched and when Donnie was done, curled up and laid down next to you. 

  When you woke up, the phoenix was flying around. Donnie ran over to you and hugged you. "Hou-ou", you said and pointed to the phoenix. "Yes, thats the right word. Hou-ou is Phoenix in japanese", he said and watched the bird land on Mikey's head, who had just walked in. The bird pooped onto Mikey and flew away. Mikey went after it as you and Donnie laughed. 

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