Meeting Humans/Christmas Time!!: Leo

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  You were sitting on the couch watching Space Heroes with your dad when two humans walked into the lair. You poked your dad and he looked at them. "Hi Leo", the humans both said. One was a girl with blue eyes and orange hair with a yellow jersey and boots on. The other was a boy with hockey sticks and skates on his shoes and a hoodie with small pieces of spray paint on. "(Y/N), this is April and Casey. They are friends of mine and your uncles. Be nice ok?" Leo said. You nodded as he got up. "I guess you like Space Heroes?" April asked. You nodded. Casey looked around. "Where's everyone else?" He asked. You pointed to the dojo. As you did, your uncles and Sensei came out. Everyone exchanged greetings and sat down. "Well, it's Christmas Eve. Anyone up for Hot Coco?" April said and got up. Everyone raised their hand. "Tea please", Sensei said. April nodded and walked into the kitchen. Leo came out and sat on the couch as Space Heroes ended. "Wait, this is wrong...", Casey said. All six of you raised your eyebrows. "What if (Y/N) is Jewish?" Casey said. You and Leo face palmed and changed the channel. April came back with a mug for everyone, including you. "Well, after this, I think I'm gonna crash", April said. She took everyone's empty mugs and walked into the kitchen. Leo looked over at you. You were passed out on the couch with your head in Leo's lap and half of your body hanging off the edge. Leo chuckled and excused himself to put you to bed. He picked you up and laid you down. He smiled and tucked you in. 

  When you woke up, you realized where you were and looked at the alarm clock. You couldn't read the blurry symbols on it, and assumed it was past time to get up. You heard loud chatter from the main room. Footsteps came to your door as it opened. Leo walked over to you and picked you up. You yawned and put your head on his shoulders. Everyone was on the couch, holding a mug, unlike Raph, who was flipping through channels on the t.v., looking for a good show. Leo put you down on the floor and sat down on the couch next to Donnie. Raph stopped flipping through channels when he found the news. You yawned and noticed a giant object that had lights and little pieces of glass hanging on it. You also noticed little boxes decorated by paper, ribbons and bows. They were bunched into little groups, each with different colors. One pile of blue, red, purple, orange, brown, yellow, black, and green. Everyone got up and grabbed one pile. Leo pushed the green pile towards you. 

  Everyone took turns opening their gifts. You got many dvds of Space Heros, and a few small toys in the shape of otters and dogs. Justin, as you had named the dog, was messing with the wrapping paper. You pried him off as he ran back to your room. For the rest of the day, you hung out with everyone as they talked about any random topic they wanted. 

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