sesenta y uno.

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the ride towards their destination was nearing slowly. the car was almost quiet , the only sound coming from the music playing softly on the radio , and the bickering of Luis and Sofi.

Leo was amusingly watching them while Aleyna stared out the window. Leo's hand was holding hers and his thumb was softly caressing the back of her hand.

Aleyna was looking at life behind the windows. sunset would be soon and she could only hope to catch it in time. she was a sucker for sunsets and stargazing.

Leo noticed his girlfriend dozing off and leaned into her. he caught a whiff of her sweet perfume and almost kissed her right there.

instead , he chose to be respectful. "what're you thinking about?" he asked. Aleyna snapped out of her trance and turned her head towards her boyfriend.

"just happy to be alive" she spoke truthfully and her fingers played with the rings on his fingers.

Leo couldn't help but smile at her words and leaned in to give her a peck on the lips. Ally sighed.

she just couldn't get enough of this man.

"ahem , there's people here" Sofi spoke as she gave them a side eye. Aleyna let out a laugh. "don't worry, this is where it stops"

Luis began to pull Leo into the conversation when he knew he was losing a conversation with Sofi.

Aleyna decided to just sit back and observe them. she couldn't help but laugh at some of their exchanged words and was also pulled into the conversation a few times.

in the end , Sofi won the argument - like she always does.

she put her palm out and Luis sighed in defeat before placing some cash in her hands. the blonde happily put the money in her purse.

Aleyna admired their marriage. they knew when to be playful , when to be serious and when to help others.

to her , it was like they were sent on her path.

they continue to drive to their destination and before they knew it , they were infront of the restaurant.

the car had stopped and the men got out of the car first before getting their girls out.

Ally put her shoulderbag over her shoulder and took Leo's hand the second he got out. she interlocked their fingers as they all continued to walk.

the restaurant was located on the beach , so it was a lovely atmosphere. people were chatting , talking , having fun and enjoying their meals.

"where are the others?" Aleyna questioned , looking for the children and their parents.

"they're already at the table" Leo simply spoke. Ally frowned but nodded her head. the bodyguard , walked with them to the front of the restaurant.

the hostess , who immediately noticed them , walked forward. her blonde hair was in a French braid and she smiled at them professionally.

"Mr Messi? Mr Suarez?" the woman questioned. "that's us" Luis said out loud and lifted his hand. Sofi pulled it down.

"let me take you through to the private area. everyone's already there" the woman said with a smile. Leo nodded his head as the woman walked them through to the private location.

they had to book a private area since they knew they would be interrupted every second if they just got a regular table.

he loved his fans to bits , but he would also really like to have a nice dinner with his family without any interruptions.

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