treinta y cuatro.

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Aleyna's bare feet touched the cold tiles as she walked down the stairs. she had just put Maia to sleep with a bedtime song — like she usually does. it's kind of like a routine by now. the little girl refuses to go to bed until Aleyna sang her a song. and tonight wasn't any different.

the house was quiet , but the television was on. she walked towards the living room to see Leo sitting on the couch. his brown eyes were planted on the television, but his attention were nowhere near it.

she sighed and walked closer. neither Leo or Maia talked about what has happened almost an hour ago , but Aleyna knew how hard it was to open up , so she didn't want to push. she knew he'd tell her when the time was right.

the woman she saw earlier , looked like a broken woman who just wanted to see her little girl. but she knew that Leo and Maia knew a whole different version of her.

hence why Leo was so protective and Maia was so scared.

Aleyna's presence seemed to snap Leo out of his trance and he moved his head. "what kind of wine would you like?" she asked him as her hands were on his shoulder.

"white wine" he spoke and she playfully rolled her eyes. "red is the best" she said in a 'matter of fact' tone. she watched as he scoffed and turned his head once again.

"no , you're wrong. white is better than red" he said and watched as she dramatically gasped. "i don't think we can be friends after what you just said"

"i think we're way past the friendship stage , don't you think?" he asked and she smiled and placed a kiss on his temple before walking over to the kitchen.

she grabbed a bottle of white wine and two wine glasses. she entered the living room to see a cartoon playing and her heart happily jumped. she loved cartoons.

"i love this one" she said as she carefully put the wine bottle and glasses on the table infront of them. her eyes were plastered on the television and her green eyes glistened like a little child's.

Leo scoffed. "they're annoying" Aleyna narrowed her eyes and turned her head to him. "you better take that back" he smirked and leaned forward. "or?"

"or i'll take Pablo up for that date"

"you know , that cartoon is pretty cute. i like the bear a lot"

Aleyna laughed and her dimples appeared. he watched her in admiration as her perfect features became even more perfect.

"you better" she said with narrowed eyes and opened the bottle. she poured it in the two separate glasses before handing one to him.

she turned to him and leaned into the couch , taking a sip from the wine glass. "tonight was eventful"

Aleyna watched as Leo nodded his head. "it was" he replied. from the way his eyes fell and the way his jaw clenched, she knew he didn't want to talk about it.

she put the glass on the table before turning to him once again. he grew confused at her smiling face. "what?" he asked with a raised brow. "let's ask each other questions" she said with a shrug.

he took another sip of his wine. "questions? aren't we already way too far in this relationship for 21 questions?" she gave him a look. "just play with me" she said and he looked at her before giving up and nodding his head.

her hands reached out to his and she played with his fingers. "okay uh" she thought about the questions she wanted to ask. "for what in your life do you feel the most grateful?"

she looked at him with interest as he pursed his lips. it didn't take long for his eyes to be on hers again. "well , there's a long list..."

"first , i'm very grateful for my parents — they're so amazing. i'm grateful for Maia , because she's my everything." Aleyna watched him with a smile.

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