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they were now getting ready to go to the dinner

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they were now getting ready to go to the dinner. it meant so much to Sofi and Luis that Aleyna is going to come with them , so she doesn't feel alone at home , drowning in her own thoughts while they were out having dinner and a nice time.

Aleyna stood infront of the body length mirror in her room , smoothing out her black , velvet dress. she had actually made an effort tonight and she was feeling good for the first time this week.

ever so often , her mind would drift to Cristiano and Lyra and her stomach would turn. Aleyna was on the tip of getting this dress off , canceling dinner and curl up under the blankets.

but everytime she thought about Sofi and Luis and how much they're helping her , she decided to just suck it up for tonight and going out with them.

Aleyna ran her hand through her soft brown curls and just stared at her reflection in the mirror.

she compared herself with Lyra , trying to figure out what the reason was for him cheating on her.

was it because her hair was brown and he preferred blondes? or maybe it's because she gave him a son and Aleyna couldn't.

Aleyna slightly scoffed at the thoughts. yes , it was definitely the latter.

a soft knock was heard on the door and Aleyna looked towards it. "come in" she softly spoke and the door opened to reveal Sofi.

"hey...oh my gosh you look beautiful" Sofi said as she walked closer towards the Spanish girl. "don't feel very beautiful but...thank you"

Sofi gave her a look and shook her head. "we're leaving , you ready?"

Aleyna nodded her head , taking her phone and purse. "ready" she said and let out a sigh.

Sofi placed her warm hands on Aleyna's shoulders , making the girl look at her. "I know it's hard , I know. but...try not to think of them tonight , will you?"

"I don't know if that's possible"

"I get that. but...atleast try. and don't compare yourself with that girl. you're worth everything and more"

Aleyna brought Sofi in for a hug , letting her head rest on the woman's shoulder. she needed this type of comfort.

"thank you, Sofi" Aleyna said when they pulled away from he hug , causing the woman to smile and let her arms fall to her sides.

"pleasure. let's go , now"

the two exited the house , meeting Luis out in the front. the children were staying home with their nanny tonight , since Luis said there weren't going to be any children tonight.

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