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"can we pack this too?" Maia asked as she showed the two pairs of shoes to Aleyna. the woman tucked her hair behind her ear. she nodded her head. "what about your colouring book?" she asked and opened Maia's carry on suitcase.

the little girl gasped in realisation before sprinting off to her room. Aleyna packed Maia's stuff , making sure it was neat and secure.

it had been a full week ever since they had come home from Madeira. Leo had been training and Aleyna was only settling in at her new work. she only had work during the week so she was off on weekends.

"here" Maia said as she held a colouring book with crayons by her side. Aleyna smiled at Maia's excited tone. "come on then, let's put it in"

they were packing to go to Paris for Neymar's birthday. he had invited Leo a while ago , and Leo was taking Aleyna and Maia with him. he was currently at training , which gave Ally a good amount of time to pack for them.

"there you go" Aleyna zipped the suitcase up and carefully put it on the neatly made bed. "you hungry?" she asked and looked down at Maia. the girl nodded her head and lifted her arms.

Ally smiled and lifted Maia up , holding her on her hip. "and he said he loved my light up shoes" Maia talked as they walked down the stairs. her dark brown eyes were glistening as she spoke about Pedri and her little fingers were playing with Aleyna's hair.

"he did?" Ally asked with a smile. she watched as Maia nodded her head with a smile. Aleyna was beginning to think that Maia maybe has a little crush on Pedri , which is cute.

she carefully put Maia down on the stool and went around the counter. she opened the fridge and took out a pack of salmon and a pack of spaghetti.

she held the two packs infront of her. "which one?" she asked and Maia thought for a bit , her eyes looking between the two products.

the little girl finally pointed at the pack of spaghetti , making Ally hum. she put the salmon away before starting on the spaghetti.

Maia was talking her ears off and filling her in about all the girl gossip she and Klara shared. Aleyna loved listening to it. it kept her entertained.

she was busy putting the sauce on the spaghetti when she heard a knock on the door. she dried her hands with the cloth and turned to Maia. "i'll be right back" Maia hummed and nodded her head , taking some of the sauce on her pointer finger and licking it off.

Aleyna walked through the hallway towards the huge front doors before looking through the keyhole. she frowned in confusion when she didn't see anyone and before she knew it , she opened the door.

"is this Aleyna Garcia?" she heard a muffled voice and a smile broke out onto her face. "this is her" she said and leaned in the doorway. Leo's head peeked up from above the flowers.

"then i think this might be for you" he held out the different coloured roses to her. Aleyna put her hands out and took the flowers in her hands , a smile blooming on her features.

he stepped inside of the house , closing the door behind him. "these are beautiful" Ally said and placed a kiss on his cheek. "gracias , mi amor"

he smiled down at her and slid his arm around her waist. "i saw them and thought of you" he truthfully spoke and placed a chaste kiss on her temple , warming her entire heart.

a little body made its way to the hallway where the couple was. a smile was lit on her face and she ran to her father , attacking his legs. "hola papi" Leo leaned down and picked her up , placing a big kiss on her chubby cheeks.

"hola , mi princesa" Maia giggled as he continued to shower her with kisses. Aleyna smiled and walked towards the kitchen , while the father and daughter duo followed her.

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