treinta y ocho.

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Lucia's arms reached out and she pulled her daughter into a hug. Aleyna didn't hesitate to wrap her arms around her mother. Lucia's sweet , floral-like perfume entered Ally's nostrils , making her feel nostalgic.

"Dios mio. i missed you, my girl" Lucia spoke and Aleyna couldn't help but let a few tears fall on her cheeks. her heart was beating out of her chest as it registered to her that she was hugging her own mother.

"amor , who is it?" Aleyna's heart sped up at the sound of her father's voice. Sebastian Garcia's footsteps could be heard. Lucia pulled away from her daughter , tears pooling in her green eyes.

Sebastian walked into view. he was clothed in a black shirt, with some khaki shorts on. "what's going on?" he asked , walking nearer to them.

Aleyna's heart felt like it was beating out of her chest. she felt her heart going steady when Leo took her small hand in his. he rubbed circles on the outside of her hand , as if to reassure her that it was going to be okay.

Lucia stepped aside and Sebastian's brown eyes fell on his daughter. his brown hair was swooped up and his regular flops were on his feet.

Aleyna felt so many emotions at the sight of her father. she was an absolute daddy's girl. anytime she needed something , he was there. he was super overprotective of her , hence why a piece of him died when she walked away with Cristiano.

the father and daughter duo were just staring at each other before Aleyna ran over to her father and engulfed him in a hug. her arms were around his waist and it didn't take that long for Sebastian to snap out of his trance.

the familiar smell of Sebastian's cologne filled Aleyna's nostrils. tears pooled in her eyes as it registered to her that she was finally back in her father's arms.

Sebastian kissed the top of Aleyna's head and rubbed slow circles on her back. Leo smiled , watching heir interaction. "is it really you? it's not my mind playing tricks on me?"

Aleyna chuckled and pulled away from her father. a tear slipped from her eye but her father was quick to wipe it away. "it's really me , papa" she spoke and hugged him once again.

Aleyna pulled away from the hug from her father, much to her dismay. before any of them could say a word , a little boy walked inside.

he had his football underneath his arm and his brown hair were disheveled. his hair was a dark brown like Lucia's and his eyes were brown like Sebastian's.

he still looked a lot like Aleyna.

his eyes instantly fell to the figure standing in the doorway. his brown eyes went wide like saucers and the ball fell on the floor. "Leo Messi?"

his words snapped Sebastian and Lucia out of their trances and they looked at Leo who was in the doorway. Sebastian's eyebrows raised in shock and Lucia's jaw slightly fell slack.

Leo was like a deer caught in headlights and he lifted his hand to wave at the little family. it wasn't long before the little boy ran up the stairs to his room ,leaving his football downstairs.

"what's going on?" Sebastian asked , very confused. Aleyna looked at Leo and saw his flushed face. a smile graced her lips. he was such a sweet human being.

she walked closer to him and he immediately took her hand and intertwined their fingers. "mama , papa. this is my boyfriend — Leo"

her words shocked her parents. they
opened their mouths but it was like the words were stuck in their throats.

the boy came back , running down with a few items in his hands. everyone watched as he kicked the football towards Leo and out of instinct, the Argentine stopped it with his left foot.

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