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Aleyna awoke with a sharp intake of air through her nose

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Aleyna awoke with a sharp intake of air through her nose. her eyes shot open and she sit up. she blinked her eyes several times , to clear her vision. her head moved around as she tried to make sense of where she was.

"hey" Aleyna looked infront of her , sighing in relief once she saw Leo sitting on the seat on the opposite side of her. "h-hi" she spoke.

her brain was trying to put the pieces together. she was on a jet , with Leo , on her way to Barcelona.

Aleyna kept thinking back to what she had been seeing. she never had those. not until Lyra had brought it up.

Leo frowned slightly , seeing her dazed expression and reached over into his bag that he had , sitting on the seat next to him. he pulled out  two tissues and held it out for her.

the Spanish girl frowned in confusion. "you uh...have a little...something" Leo spoke , pointing his pointer finger towards his own right cheek.

Aleyna lifted her fingers up to her right cheek , only to be met with wetness. she recognised the warm feeling and internally sighed.

she reached over towards the tissue that Leo had held out for her. "thank you" she softly spoke as she brought the tissue closer to her right cheek.

Leo leaned back in his seat , his phone in his hand. "judging by the tears , i'm assuming those were memories and not just dreams"

Aleyna looked up as she slowly dabbed the tears away from under her eyes. she hesitantly nodded her head. "not good memories , though" she replied with a soft chuckle.

the footballer slightly frowned but let out a hum. Aleyna felt embarrassed. embarrassed that she had just basically cried infront of this man. embarrassed that the memories came back to haunt her.

she brought her fingers up to her mouth and nervously began to bite them. "I'm sorry."

the footballer looked up with a confused expression evident on his face as he stared at the woman. "for crying" she quickly added.

he shook his head and put his phone next to him. "you're allowed to feel whatever you're feeling. your emotions are valid , you know"

it grew quiet between them and Aleyna nodded her head with a frown still between her eyebrows. her fingertips tapped hesitantly on the seat.

she gulped and looked out of the little window of the jet , only seeing the whiteness of the clouds.

her mind wandered off to the day when she found in the accident, to the day she found out Cristiano had a son with her best friend.

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