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️⚠️ smut warning.
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Aleyna stood infront of the full body length mirror, smoothing her freshly manicured hands over the front of the black dress. she tilted her head every now and then , scanning her eyes over it.

she pulled the dress down to her liking , making sure it was appropriate. she wouldn't want to meet Leo's parents and have a bad first impression.

Leo placed his ring clad hands on her shoulders , making her visibly relax. "you look beautiful." he said , placing a kiss on her cheek , causing redness to creep onto them.

"don't stress about it" he said , watching as she nodded her head. he ran his hand through her soft curls and placed it neatly on her back.

ever since they confirmed their feelings towards each other , they gave grown quite close. Aleyna always seemed to want to be around Leo , and the footballer talked non stop about her to his teammates and parents.

"it isn't too short , right?" she asked him worriedly as she looked down at the dress. a smile played on his lips as he turned her around. "it's perfect"

Aleyna's fingers played with the long sleeves of the black dress , obviously being nervous. "what if they dont like me? or i embarras myself?"

she had thoughts and doubts running through her mind. she wanted this to be absolutely perfect. she wanted them to like her , because Leo and Maia were very important to her.

Leo grabbed her hands , holding it securely in his. "it'll all be fine. they'll love you. anyone would be crazy not to"

his words brought a blush to her cheeks and she smiled , letting her dimples pop out. Leo's heart thumped at the sight. he loved her dimples and always found himself wanting to poke them.

"let's go. dinners at 8" he said , placing a kiss on her forehead. he held her hand in his right hand and her black bag in his right one.

Leo kept Aleyna by his side. he never wanted her out of his sight.

Aleyna kept furiously blushing at everything he did. she never experienced someone wanting to fo something for her.

Leo activated the alarms and made sure the house was secured before guiding the Spanish girl towards the car.

he made sure she was secured and safe inside before climbing into the driver's seat. he glanced over at her as he put the car into drive.

"you okay?" he asked. she looked over at him. "always" she answered. he put on the radio, letting a soft tune flow from the speakers and into the car.

Leo took a turn and then looked at her again. "i have a football game on Friday , want to come?" he asked. he was rather nervous.

Leo knew she preferred her privacy , hence why she never went out with Cristiano. he never even knew of her until he saw the Polaroid in her purse.

Aleyna thought about it for a second until a small smile was placed on her lips. "okay" she answered. the Argentine's eyebrows raised to the roof. "you would?" he asked , surprised.

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