cuarenta y uno.

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Aleyna smoothed her manicured fingers over the material of the dress. it was black and stopped mid thigh , showing off her amazing legs. her curls were loose on her back and she fluffed them out , by running her fingers through them.

tonight was Neymar's birthday party. so far, they had been extremely nice to Aleyna and had welcomed her with open arms. Giada was just an angel of a human being and so were Rafa and Nadine.

Rafaela had basically dragged both her and Giada out of the house to go get dresses for tonight , claiming that it wasn't a party if Rafa didn't help with the outfits. so they were in town for about 2 hours , looking for the perfect dress.

this dress was indeed beautiful. it complimented her body perfectly. she think Leo will like it.

Leo walked in the room , closing the door behind him and his eyes fell on his girlfriend. Aleyna turned her head to see him stand by the door. a smile graced her lipgloss covered lips and she turned to him.

"what do you think? do i look good?" she asked and slowly turned around , giving him a full view of her body.

he walked closer to her and wrapped his arms around her waist. "you look gorgeous , mi amor" he leaned forward and placed a kiss on her lips. her hands went around his shoulders and she went closer to him.

"you look handsome yourself" she spoke and looked down at his outfit. it was casual , yet screamed money.

he leaned in once again and gave her a kiss. Aleyna didn't dare pull away from the kiss. it had her mind running in circles for a second. she inhaled through her nose and her fingers slightly tugged at the bottom of his hair.

she felt his hands go lower and lower and then put her hand over his. "we have to go" she spoke after she pulled away from the kiss.

her lips were plumped and swollen from the kiss and half of her lipgloss was gone. he groaned and put his head against her chest. "come on , we'll be quick"

"nope. come on" she spoke and lightly tapped his chest. she backed away and grabbed her purse. "is Maia ready?" Aleyna questioned and put a last coat of lipgloss over her lips.

"yeah. she's downstairs waiting for us" he said and she turned around to face him once again. she flattened his black hair to make it look somewhat presentable. her thumb went below his lips and she wiped away a bit of her lipgloss.

Leo took her hand in his and intertwined their fingers , before guiding her out of the room and down the stairs. the others were already downstairs , getting their last stuff.

"you look stunning" Giada squealed as she saw Ally. "i knew i had great taste" Rafa said and they all admired her dress.

"we're almost ready. i just have to get Mavie's stuff" Giada spoke as she held the little baby in her arms. Rafaella was perfecting her hair and Nadine was on the phone with someone.

Giada frantically looked around before her eyes fell on Aleyna once again. she walked closer to the Spanish woman. "here , hold her for me , please?"

Aleyna tried to talk but she put her purse on the couch nonetheless. she carefully took Mavie in her arms. the little girl was sleeping soundly with her pacifier in her mouth and her ear muffs over her ears.

Aleyna could feel her heart blossom as she looked at the little angel in her arms. Mavie sucked on the pacifier again , making a slight noise and it warmed Ally's entire heart.

it was crazy how someone could be this tiny. Mavie's little body fitted perfectly in her arms. Aleyna felt the emotions bottle up in her but she refused to cry.

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