cuarenta y tres.

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Leo walked inside the bathroom with fresh clothes for his girlfriend. he closed the lid of the toilet and sat the clothes ontop of it.

"are you okay now?" he asked his girlfriend who was soaking in the bathtub. she had her hair up in a loose bun and her skin was bare of make up , but still flawless as ever.

she nodded her head with a smile. "yes , i am. thank you" she softly spoke and he leaned down and placed a kiss on her forehead. "take your time" he said and pecked her cheek once again before shooting her a wink and walking out of the bathroom.

they had been up since early morning since Ally was having morning sickness for the first time. Leo was there to rub her back and hold her hair up. everything was exactly like Aleyna thought it was going to be.

he had run her a bath and undressed her before helping her into the bathtub. Aleyna had assured him that she was okay and could do it herself , but then again , she saw how worried he was.

how worried he was to lose the baby.

she felt the exact same and took the help he had offered her.

the news about Cristiano and Aleyna's marriage was still sparking up headlines on the internet. everyone wanted to know if it was the truth or just lies.

and the fact that neither Cristiano or Leo had spoken up about the situation , fueled more to their curiosity and eagerness to know.

Aleyna figured that she had sit in the bathtub for a while now and decided to get out. she quickly stood up and took the towel Leo had put out for her. she quickly dried herself and put it around her body before moving to the sink.

she quickly put her face oils on her skin and moisturized her entire body. she quickly put on the clothes Leo had picked out for her , which were just sweatpants and a purple Argentina shirt.

she brushed her brown hair with the hairbrush and put it in a ponytail with a hairtie she found in the cabinets. she spayed some perfume on and walked downstairs.

she smelt the aroma of breakfast and the first thing she noticed was Maia sitting on her safety stool against the counter.

"buenos dias" Aleyna spoke and Maia turned her head to the Spanish woman. "buenos dias" Maia sung and Aleyna bend down to kiss her on her chubby cheeks.

she began taking a seat next to Maia. "how are you doing over there? need some help?" Ally asked as she looked over to Leo.

"i'm fine. you two just relax" he said , glancing over his shoulder. Aleyna leaned forward and pulled the jug of mango juice closer to her.

she grabbed two glass cups and a plastic one before pouring it into them.

Aleyna noticed that Maia's hair was already done and she was already dressed in fancier clothes. "and where are you off to , Missy?" Ally asked and places the cup infront of Maia.

the little girl smiled cheerily before telling Ally that Anna was going to pick her up for a playmate with Klara and the other girls.

Aleyna had also planned to go to her work to tell her boss and obviously Leo had promised to take her.

finally , the Argentine turned around with the pan still in his hands and he began to plate the breakfast he made for his girls.

"thank you" Aleyna said with a smile as he placed the plate infront of her. "gracias , papa" Maia said aswell and Leo took a seat on the other side of the counter , pulling the glass of juice closer to him.

"de nada" he said with a content smile. Aleyna took huge gulps of the orange juice. she didn't know if it was her hormones starting to act up , but it tasted oddly delicious.

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