treinta y dos.

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the house was quiet. Maia was at Anna's house and Leo was at training. Aleyna would've let Maia stayed with her if she didn't have anything to do today. she ran her hand through her hair and took the sunglasses off of her eyes.

she pushed the door open and it opened with a chime. her green eyes scanned around and they landed on a familiar dark haired woman. she was sitting in the corner , drinking her coffee and reading through something that looked like a file.

a smile graced Ally's lips as she spotted the woman. she walked over to her , making the woman look up. she smiled widely and put the file down.

"Ally" she opened her arms and the girl pulled her into a hug. Aleyna smiled at the fact that she was seeing a lifelong friend. "Rosa" she said and pecking the woman on the cheek.

Rosabel was her and Cristiano's lawyer. she always favoured Aleyna above everyone and wasn't afraid to say it. when Sofi told her about what happened , the woman had advised Cristiano to get another lawyer.

it was obvious she was going to choose Aleyna in this matter.

Rosabel pointed to the chair and motioned for Aleyna to sit down. the Spanish girl put her bag aside and sat down on the chair. a waiter came over and Aleyna ordered a cup of tea with honey.

Rosabel crossed her arms on the table. "how've you been? i've been informed of everything that happened"

the thoughts swirled in Aleyna's head. instantly, it went back to the day when she found out about Cristiano and Lyra's scandal. she thought back about how she cried herself to sleep every night. about how she doubted herself. about how she compared herself.

now , everytime she thought back to the events , she would internally thank Cristiano. if it wasn't for him , she wouldn't have met Leo.

everything that happened, didn't squeeze her heart anymore. it didn't make her feel like she was drowning. it didn't suffocate her anymore. it was just...there.

Aleyna smiled. "i'm doing very well" she said truthfully. after everything that happened to her , Rosabel didn't expect to see her smiling , hence why she was so surprised.

"okay , it's either you're very happy that Cristiano did that to you , or i need to be updated on something as soon as possible" Rosabel said and Aleyna chuckled.

the waiter came back with Aleyna's tea and the girl took the honey and mixed it in. she saw the curiosity floating around in Rosabel's eyes but she knew this was going to be a long story.

"can we talk about this divorce first? i just want to get it over and done with" Aleyna said , placing the spoon down on the napkin. Rosabel smiled and nodded her head , sitting back in her chair and taking a sip of her coffee.

"okay , so" she started and put the cup down. she grabbed the file and put it on the table. Aleyna took a sip of her tea.

"i've already made my mind up about what i want out of the divorce" she spoke up and Rosabel hummed and nodded her head , grabbing a pen out of her purse.

she looked up expectedly at Aleyna. the girl licked her lips. "yes , he already told me and his lawyer to let you make your suggestions first" Rosabel spoke.

Aleyna slowly nodded her head. "um, he can keep everything. i just want the beach house in Italy and my two rightful owned vehicles"

Rosabel was nodding and writing it down. "are you sure that's all?" Rosabel asked and watched as Aleyna nodded her head.

"since he didn't sign a prenup , you can literally take 50% of his income and literally almost leave him high and dry" Rosabel said and Aleyna laughed. "you know , i really would've wanted that"

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