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he sat on the metal chair with his elbows on his knees and his hands balled into a fist. his right leg was bouncing up and down as his brown eyes were glued to the white hospital door that Aleyna had disappeared into.

the mere thought of anything happening to her made his heart ache. it felt like someone was squeezing his heart and letting every drop of blood drain from it.

he checked his watch on his wrist.


he knew Maia was probably confused on why she hadn't seen them yet but he had to call Anna to let her know what happened and to keep Maia with them.

Robert rushed to the hospital to support Leo. he was currently sitting next to hi teammate , just as nervous as he was. Anna was begging him to keep her updated on everything.

when Leo called Luis and Sofi to tell them , they both went batshit crazy. Luis immediately wanted to pack and Sofi cried and blamed Cristiano and Lyra.

"she's going to be fine , Leo. don't stress" Robert said with a sympathetic look on his face as he stared at this teammate. Leo turned his head to Robert.

"how can i not stress? especially since she's in there and i..." he sighed and rubbed his hand over his face in order to claim him and his beating heart down. Robert diverted his eyes to the floor.

a doctor walked out, making both men stand up. "is she okay?" Robert blurted out before the doctor could speak.

the man had a clipboard in his hands. three other doctors walked out of the room , rushing down the hallway.

"who are you to her?" the man asked. he was very aware of who the two footballers were but had to stay professional and not ask for a picture — especially since they were in this state.

"he's her fiancé" Robert said as his hands found Leo's shoulders. the Argentine nodded , not even caring what Robert just said. he just wanted to know if his girl was okay.

"oh okay well uh" the man said with a surprised voice since he wasn't expecting that.

"we're so glad that you brought her here before her heartbeat could totally slow down and stop" Leo let out a sigh as he ran his hand over his already disheveled hair.

"we managed to get all of the painkillers out of her system that caused this" the doctor pointed to the door with his head as his eyes were on Leo.

"she's safe. and awake" he said. Leo wiped his sweaty hands on his jeans and Robert sat back in the chair with a huge breath of relief. he was stressed out.

"can i go in?" Leo asked and the man nodded his head. "you can. i'll be back in an hour" he said , glancing down at the clipboard in his hands. he nodded his head at the two men and walked down the hallway — most likely to call his wife and tell her who he just saw.

"go. i'll call Anna, Luis and Sofi" Robert said , getting his phone out. Leo nodded and walked towards the door , opening it.

Aleyna sat on the bed. her hair was slightly wet from the sweat and she was sitting with her back against the pillow , fiddling with her fingers.

Leo had never been so happy to see her.

he rushed to her and wrapped her in a hug. she wrapped her arms around him too , tears prickling in her eyes.

he closed his eyes and kiss the top of her head. "you're so stupid , Aleyna. so , so stupid" he retreated his arms from her and just stared at her.

"why would you do that?" he asked , running his hands over his face once again. she looked down at her fingers. she didn't mean for this to happen , but there was still a little piece inside of her that made her wish she wouldn't survive.

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