cincuenta y tres.

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the sky was dark and clear, the stars being the only things decorating it.

the table was long and beautifully decorated. Aleyna looked at the smiling faces around the table and her heart warmed.

she felt a hand on her thigh and turned her head to see Leo talking to Robert. she put her tiny hand on top of his and just held it.

"you look like you're about to pop , mama" Anna said as she trailed her pointer finger on Ally's stomach. the Spanish woman smiled.

"yeah , i am. i'm so excited" she spoke , a smile playing on her lips. "i can imagine" the Polish woman said , her eyes crinkling as she smiled.

"we also brought some gifts for Maia and the baby. it's inside , i'll give it to you when you leave" Anna spoke and Aleyna nodded her head and hummed.

Aleyna and Leo had began shopping earlier in the week for Christmas gifts and had given everyone their gifts , including Anna and Robert's children.

they were currently at a Christmas dinner that Anna and Robert is hosting - like always. the two had invited them and the teammates, aswell as their partners.

Aleyna began to eat her food and Leo turned his head to her before leaning closer into her. "are you still okay?" he asked. she looked up into his eyes and nodded her head.

"i'm still good" she spoke and he kissed her on the cheek. "good" he spoke and she gave his hand a quick squeeze.

a couple minutes later, Aleyna was finished with her desert and she felt the goosebumps form on her skin , because of the wind , which was growing colder and colder by the minute.

Leo noticed and took off his hoodie , handing it to his girlfriend. she frowned but took the soft material out of his hands.

"are you sure? won't you get cold?" she asked , eyeing his long sleeved top. Leo smiled and shook his head. "don't worry. i'll be good. you need it more than i do"

Ally smiled at him but then the smile slowly faded.

"won't i stretch it out?" she asked , her green eyes sad. Leo gave her a look. "i can get a thousand more hoodies , i don't care" he said and tapped her chin with his pointer finger , causing her to smile.

Aleyna put the black hoodie over her dress and watch as the hoodie stretched around her huge belly.

she ran her hand through her hair once again nd let the hood fall down.

Aleyna felt cosy and smelled the hoodie , smiling when Leo's familiar cologne entered her nostrils.

the end of the dinner had arrived and Leo and Aleyna stood at the front door. some guests were still inside of the house , but Leo and Ally decided to call it a night.

"thank you some much for coming. we appreciate it" Anna said and Aleyna smiled befor giving the woman a quick hug. "of course. thank you for inviting us" Ally spoke.

she then gave a quick hug to Robert before taking the gifts from Anna's hands. Leo put his hand on Ally's lower back and guided her to the car.

he took the gifts from her hands and put them in the backseat before helping her into the passenger seat of the car.

he jogged to his side and entered the car , immediately putting the heater on. he glanced over at her to make sure she was buckled in before he waved at Anna and Robert one last time before they exited the driveway.

"so , how are you?" Leo asked as he put his hand on her thigh. she put hers on his.

"i'm good. just tired" she spoke truthfully. "how about you?" she spoke and brought his hand up to her lips before she placed a kiss on the back of his hands.

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