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the two sat at the table with everyone around it , eating and laughing. Frenkie's fiancé — Mikky , was sitting next to Aleyna , making conversation.

"we should totally hang out sometime" she suggested and Anna nodded her head. "for sure" they both looked at Aleyna , waiting for an answer.

normally , Aleyna would decline. she preferred her bed over going out. but not this time. being in thei
presence made her want to get out more. she found herself wanting to spend a day with them.

she gave them a dimpled smile and nodded her head. "okay. i'm up for it" Anna excitedly clapped her hands together. "great"

the men were in their own conversation , talking about things that they usually talked about. which was mostly football.

the atmosphere was nice and welcoming. there was soft music playing from the record player in Anna's living room. everyone was talking with wide smiles on their faces.

Leo glanced every now and then at Aleyna , to make sure she was okay and comfortable. he saw that she was smiling and conversing with the other women. his heart fluttered.

it was great to see her come out of her shell.

Leo felt a nudge in his side and turned his head to Ansu who gave him a look. the footballer gave him a dumbfounded look and the Spanish boy shook his head.

"it's rude to stare" he said and Leo rolled his eyes , smiling a little. his fingers picked up the silver fork. "i wasn't staring"

Ansu hummed , nodding his head. he didn't believe him. since the fist time he saw Aleyna , knew something would happened between them.

the Argentine had come to training with a smile on his face. he had more energy. he would train for hours and hours , but would be eager to go home.

nobody knew why.

until they met Aleyna.

it was then that they knew that he was inlove with her.

Ally looked down at Mikky's stomach. her heart ached, but she was also happy for the blonde bombshell. "how far along are you?" she asked , slightly amazed. Aleyna held the most huge admiration for pregnant women.

Mikky smiled and placed her hand on her growing bump. the white fabric of the dress she had on , stretched around her bump , fitting her perfectly.

"only two months , fortunately." the Dutch girl said and Aleyna hummed with a smile. her fingers tapped on her thigh. she couldn't seem to tear her eyes away from the baby bump.

it fit Mikky so good.

she already knew the baby was going to be gorgeous.

"do you know the gender?" Ally asked , finally looking up at Mikky. the girl shook her head. her eyes then flashed to Frenkie who was conversing with Ronald.

"we always wanted a gender reveal , so that's what we're going to do"

Aleyna smiled , nodding her head. then it faltered. she turned her head to the table, taking the glass of champagne and sipping on it.

Leo noticed and gave her a look. out of instinct, his hand went to her thigh , where her fingers were tapping. she tensed but then relaxed under his touch.

he leaned over to her. "are you okay?" he whispered in her ear. she shuddered at the feeling of his warm breath on her ear and the grazing of his lips against her skin.

she looked up at him , smiled and nodded.

the smile didn't reach her eyes.

one thing that Leo's mother always told him , was that the eyes were like a window to someone's soul.

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