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Aleyna was already into her second trimester. her bump was growing little by little. it was actually noticeable and everyone around her was obsessed with it.

she was officially 4 months pregnant. it blew her away how at much time had passed her , but she was also glad.

tonight was the night they were going to make it public. to say that Aleyna and Leo were nervous, was an underatement.

Aleyna was nervous because she knew there would be headlines tomorrow morning. Leo was nervous aswell , but he was more so happy and proud that he'll be showing her off.

she stood infront of the mirror , analyzing her body. the dress was black, long and it was tight around her waist and showing her little bump.

her brown locks were loose and it seemed golden in the sun. Leo walked in , fixing his cufflinks. he smiled once he saw her and walked towards her.

"hey beautiful" he spoke and she turned her head. a beautiful smile graced her glossed lips. her arms went around his neck and his hands were on both sides of her waist.

"you look stunning" he spoke and leaned in for a kiss. Aleyna smiled into the kiss. "you look handsome , aswell" she muttered.

"i'm so excited for everyone to see" Leo spoke and leaned his head on her forehead. "i can finally show you off" he muttered and buried his face in her neck.

Aleyna inhaled and took in his scent. his body was warm and welcoming and all she wanted to do was hold him like that forever.

he pulled his head away and just stared at her face in awe. she blushed and smiled at him , feeling herself get shy under his gaze.

"the way i love you goes beyond description.  even those words don’t seem like enough"

Aleyna felt the tears brim in her eyes at his words. before she could say anything , his hands cupped her cheeks and he brought her in for yet another mesmerizing kiss.

Aleyna's green eyes went to his lips once they pulled away. her thumb rubbed the lipgloss away from his lips.

the door opened and Maia walked in , dressed in a beautiful little dress. her straight back hair were in curls now.

"mami , papi , when do we go? will we see Pedri?" she asked and the adults turned towards her. "sí , Pedri will be there. don't worry, mi amor" Leo said , stroking her hair.

Maia smiled and then her eyes fell on Aleyna's stomach. she walked towards Aleyna and wrapped her arms around Ally's thighs before looking straight at the bump.

"hola , hola" Maia said as she talked to the baby bump. "can you come out?"

it was comical and Leo snickered before he pulled Maia away from Ally and held her in his arms.

Aleyna's eyes flickered to the clock on the wall and grabbed her purse. "come on , we're going to be late" she spoke and put her hand on Leo's back.

they walked downstairs where their parents were. "ay Dios mio" Lucia squealed as she looked at her daughter. "you guys look beautiful" Celia complimented.

everyone showered them with compliments and kisses before they were ushered out of the house.

Leo looked over at Aleyna and Maia to make sure their seatbelts were on.

it was a sporting event that they were going to. Leo was obviously invited and he decided to bring his daughter and girlfriend with him.

most of Barcelona's players were going to be there , among with other professional footballers that Leo were excited to see.

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