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there was soft music playing from the speakers of Leo's home gym

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there was soft music playing from the speakers of Leo's home gym. equipment was everywhere and there was some waterbottles in the corner , some clean towels and some of the equipment was out of place , which indicated that Leo used this frequently.

Aleyna had nothing to do all day , so after Leo's training, he fetched Maia from his mom's house and the two went to get Aleyna since they couldn't breathe without her for a few hours.

"nice" she spoke as she scanned her eyes around the gym. she had her hands on her hips as she smiled at the beautiful gym. she was fitness instructor , this was basically heaven.

she hadn't gone to the gym in a whole while and it made her forget the feeling she used to get when she had sessions with people or when she worked out herself.

"you like it?" Leo asked as he had on a black muscled t shirt. Aleyna's eyes fell on his muscles before averting her eyes to the big mirror and nodded her head.

she cleared her throat. "i do" she said with a slow nod of her head. Maia was sitting on the other side , playing with her dolls and pretended to give them tea like a normal two year old would.

"it's been a while since I used this" Aleyna walked to the treadmill , tracing her hand over it. her hair was tied up in a neat , high ponytail , keeping the hair out of her face.

"didn't take you for someone who worked out" he jokingly said as she walked over to get some water. she gave him a look. her green eyes bore into his. he could see the playfulness in her eyes.

"are you calling me out of shape?" she asked with a raised brow. at her question , Leo couldn't help but let his eyes roam over her gym attired clad body.

her tan legs were exposed. the sports bra was perfectly sat on her chest and the shorts were hugging her curves , embracing it and flaunting it in the most beautiful way.

Aleyna noticed. her heart skipped a beat. in a good way. his stare was intense , but it didn't make her feel disgusted or insecure, it made her feel wanted. she wanted his eyes to stay on her and not move.

Ally could see emotion in his eyes. she didn't know what it was , but she saw it and her heartrate quickened.

she saw the sparkle in his eyes as he stared at her.

the thoughts of her he had running through his mind was nothing but divine.

he wanted to look away , but he couldn't. it was like his eyes had a mind of its own.

Leo snapped out of his trance , looking up to look at the beautiful woman. Aleyna's cheeks burned and she could only pray that he didn't notice.

he did.

and his brown eyes looked up into her green ones. a little smirk played on his lips as he unscrewed the cap of the plastic bottle.

"never" he answered , bringing the bottle up to his mouth , taking a sip of the water , while still staring at her.

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