treinta y siete.

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Aleyna had no idea what Leo had planned.

a couple days after Barcelona's El Classico win , Leo's parents flew in. they showered their son with hugs and kisses. Maia had missed them too , so it was no surprise that she wanted to stay behind with her grandparents and her cousin — Mateo , while Leo and Aleyna go on their little vacation.

Sofi and Luis flew back to Madrid after the game and the blonde reassured the Spanish woman that she will loved the surprise , since she — along with Rosabel — helped Leo with this.

so now, it was the day before they had to leave for the airport. both of them had finished packing their clothes and their suitcases were already sitting behind their bedroom door.

it was currently 8 pm and the sun was already down. the television was on , playing some random movie and Aleyna sat on Leo's lap. her legs were straddling him and his hands were on her waist.

her fingers found their way to his hair and she slowly started to massage his scalp. he groaned and placed his forehead on the top of her chest. she smiled at the sounds he let out as she slightly scratched his scalp.

"we should do something" she spoke and he lifted his head. his brown eyes looked into her green ones and a small smirk played at the end of his lips. "like what?" she gave him a look.

"get your head out of the gutter." she said and he laughed. "let's go bake some muffins" she said excitedly and he frowned. "muffins? we don't even have the ingredients."

Ally shrugged and climbed off of his lap , causing him to groan. he put his hands on her waist, attempting to pull her back towards him. "come on , then. let's go get it" she said and he threw his head back before following her up to their bedroom.

Aleyna had her sweatpants on , so she just put her sneakers on and walked towards the walk in closet. she instantly made her way over to where Leo's hoodies were.

she found his favourite hoodie on the top of the shelve and took it out with a smile. she pulled it over her head and watched as the hoodie stopped mid thigh , absolutely drowning the rest of her upper body.

Aleyna walked out just as Leo pulled a white shirt over his head. she saw him stuff his necessities in the pockets of his grey sweatpants. his eyes lit up once he saw h3r in his hoodie.

"you look sexy" he said and walked over to her. he buried his face in her neck. "i'm literally in sweatpants and a hoodie" she gave him a look he pulled away and pecked her on her lips.

"still the most beautiful woman i've ever seen" his words made butterflies float in her stomach.

his hand took her small one and he guided her out of the house. he made sure she was safely in the car before going to his side and buckling him in.

"i miss Maia" Aleyna complained and Leo looked over at her. "it's only been two hours" he said with a shake of his head. "still" she answered.

they finally arrived at the store and Aleyna squinted her eyes at the bright light of the supermarket. Leo instantly grabbed her hand. people were going to notice him and take photos. but the supermarket wasn't so full , so he hoped no one cowered around him.

Aleyna grabbed a cart and pushed it into Leo's hands. "where to , Mrs Messi?" he asked as he pushed the cart behind her. she turned around to face him , her dimples popping out of her cheeks.

"getting bold now, are we?" she asked and he realised what he said. his cheeks turned pink. "wait no — that's not what i meant" he rushed out.

"oh , so you don't want to marry me?" she asked , knowing she was confusing him even more. a frown found his forehead and he stopped in his tracks. "what? no. of course not. i mean , yes i want to marry you" he said and she smiled.

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