cuarenta y dos.

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the whole room was quiet.

Aleyna's lips parted as she looked at the happy doctor standing infront of her. her eyes then flew to Leo who had wide eyes.

"what? what do you mean pregnant?" Aleyna finally asked once she regained her voice. her hands were gripping the sheets of the hospital bed and her entire mouth felt dry.

"i can't be. i can't be pregnant" a frown was in between her eyebrows as she looked at Dr Gomez. Leo ran a hand over his face and then slowly sat back down as he was processing it.

"i was told that i wouldn't be able to have future children? what do you mean pregnant?" Aleyna spoke. the thoughts were running through her head like crazy.

Dr Gomez sat the papers down on the stand next to Aleyna's bed. "you had treatments over the years , am i right?" she asked and Aleyna swallowed and nodded her head.

"have you had sexual relationships after those treatments?" the doctor asked once again. Aleyna's eyes were on her lap. "i was still married to my ex husband when i took those treatments but i didn't sleep with him during or after them" she truthfully spoke.

"did you two divorce?" the doctor asked and Aleyna nodded her head. Dr Gomez took the papers on her hands once again. "and how long was that ago?"

Aleyna calculated in her head. "maybe...about 10 months or so?" saying the words out loud , felt surreal. time sure did move fast.

"and since you're 2 weeks pregnant , i assume you two are together?" her blue eyes went towards Leo. the Argentine snapped out of his trance and nodded his head.

"we are" Aleyna confirmed. "well , the treatments seemed to have worked" the doctor put the papers back down. "i don't understand" Ally spoke.

"you didn't have any sexual intercourse after or during those treatments with your ex husband , so you weren't able to know if they worked or not" Dr Gomez continued.

"and since he" Dr Gomez looked briefly at Leo. "is the first person you have slept with after your treatments — unbeknownst to you that the treatments have worked — you were able to fall pregnant" Doctor Gomez explained. Aleyna licked her dry lips and slowly nodded her head.

"i'll give you two a moment" the doctor gave them a smile before leaving the room and closing the door behind her.

Aleyna's hand instantly went to her stomach. she took easy breaths as she processed it. Leo stood up from his seat on the chair and sat on the bed.

instantly, his arms went around her. Aleyna laid her head on his chest , inhaling his scent as she clung onto him for dear life. Leo lifted his head and placed a kiss on the top of her head.

in the silence, they processed the news they had received not so long ago and it hit them both like a truck. a few tears managed to escape Aleyna's eyes. she looked up at him.

Leo smiled and his thumb wiped the tears away from under her eyes. "is this real?" her voice was soft. he cupped her face in his hands and laid his forehead against hers. "yes , it's true , mi amor"

the news was overwhelming and she felt like crying so that's exactly what she did. Leo didn't didn't to stop her. all he did was hold her to his chest.

she deserved this.

all this time , she had longed for something she knew she wouldn't be able to have. all this time , she would look at babies and pregnant women and beat herself up for the fact that , that'll never be her.

she deserved this. she deserved to be a mother. he had no doubt that this unborn baby will be so happy to have Aleyna Garcia as a mother.

Aleyna's hands went to her stomach and her teary eyes looked up at Leo. "there's a baby in here. a baby"

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