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Aleyna had spent the entire day with Maia and constantly overthinking about her feelings for Leo. the rose gold locket that Leo had gifted her , was clasped around her neck. the thought of the locket and the dream gave her goosebumps. it felt weird. but it felt right.

Leo had come home a little while ago and brought some new hair shampoo and body wash for Aleyna , telling her that his mother uses it on the daily.

her heart skipped a beat at the fact that he went out of his way to buy her stuff like these. she was now standing under the shower , rubbing the scented bodywash on her body.

downstairs, Leo was putting his golden cufflinks on his wrists and sighed. he had no idea why Anna wanted it to be so fancy tonight ,seeing as they were usually just having casual dinners every team dinner.

"papi?" Maia had a pretty baby pink dress on , with a brush in her hand. she held it up to him. "can i have pigtails?" she asked , looking at him with big puppy eyes.

Leo's eyes slightly widen and he bend down to her height. he ran his fingers through her straight black hair. "don't you like it down? it looks pretty like that" he tried to convince her.

he couldn't make pigtails for the hell of it.

"no , piggy's look cute" Maia said with a pout and Leo sighed , gently taking the brush from her hands. he was going to do his as best as he possibly can.

"i can help her" he heard Aleyna's voice. he turned his head , his jaw almost slacking when he saw her.

her hair looked way better than before , he could see it shine under the lights of his house. the shiny , green dress she had on , looked great on her body.

she looked gentle , mystique and elegant.

Leo could feel his throat go dry , as if he hadn't had water for a whole while.

she looked up at him as she slowly stepped down the stairs. he gazed at her dreamily and a blush went to her cheeks.

he looked handsome. the black suit definitely brought out his defined features more.

seeing him made butterflies flutter inside of her stomach. 

"may i?" she asked him , snapping him out of his trance. he stood back up straight , keeping his eyes on her. "por favor" Maia said as she ran to Ally , with the brush in her hand.

Aleyna smiled warmly and sat on the couch , making her thighs look bigger. Leo gulped down the knot that had formed in his throat.

"okay" he breathed out softly and ran his hand through his pitch back hair. Aleyna softly brushed Maia's hair with the hairbrush , parting it with the little pink comb.

she split the girl's hair in two parts and began brushing. Leo made sure he looked good and he got the wine. his eyes skipped over to Aleyna every now and then.

"finished" Aleyna said after a while as she put little elastic bands on the end of Maia's pigtails. the girls smiled widely. "gracias"

Aleyna kissed Maia's rosy cheeks , causing her to giggle. Leo walked back in the living room , clearing his throat. "you guys ready?" he asked them.

they nodded their heads and he guided them outside to the car.  he made sure the alarms were switched on and everything was locked before walking towards the car with the two girls.

he opened the door for Aleyna and she blushed , thanking him before entering the car. Maia climbed in the backseat , buckling herself in.

"do you guys have this dinner every time?" Aleyna asked once Leo had put the car in drive. he turned his head to her once they were on the road.

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