treinta y uno.

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Aleyna smiled and stood up as she put her hands together for the Barcelona team who walked with happy smiles on their faces. the stadium were filled with fans who praised the players.

the Spanish girl had never envisioned herself sitting so close to a crowd with a Barcelona shirt on. the Messi family had done everything in their power to make Ally feel comfortable and welcome — especially since they knew how much she was loved by both Leo and Maia.

it was the type of love they had starved for.

she watched as Maia excitedly clapped her hands as her eyes were staring at the footballers. "can we go see them?" she asked with excitement in her voice as she looked at her grandparents.

Celia smiled and Jorge picked the girl up. "of course we can" he said and she smiled widely, exposing her cute teeth. "i wanna see Pedri" she said with a giddy laugh and Aleyna smiled at her antics.

"come on , let's go then" Jorge said with a smile , placing a kiss on Maia's cheek , causing her to giggle.

Celia and Aleyna got their stuff ready and the older woman guided her to the back , where the rest of the team were still in their locker room.

"so , Leo told us this is going to be your first game. how was it?" Celia asked as they sat in the waiting room. the woman wanted to make a conversation with Aleyna , seeing as she thought that Ally was a sweet girl.

the brunette put her phone away out of respect and sat up in her seat , smiling and nodding her head. "it was amazing , truly. i really loved it" she spoke , a smile gracing her cherry glossed lips.

"that's good to hear." Celia started. "it's not everyday Leo brings a beautiful woman to watch his games" she teased , nudging Aleyna with her elbow and winking.

a red blush crept onto Aleyna's cheeks and she smiled , letting her eyes fell to her lap. she was never always good with compliments. she always seemed to shy away from them.

Celia thought it was the cutest thing ever.

the blonde haired woman put her purse in her lap as Jorge twirled Maia around in his arms while they patiently waited for the players to come out.

the double doors of the locker room opened and the boys all came out, talking and laughing as they held their training bags in their hands.

Maia gasped as she ran straight past her father, into the arms of her best friend — Pedri. the dark haired boy gasped aswell and picked her up , swinging her in the air , causing her to giggle.

"hey there my sweet girl" he said and she laughed and hugged his neck, causing Leo to scowl. "thanks for the love and affection , Maia" he aid sarcastically.

Leo's brown eyes then fell to Aleyna. he took her in. she looked beautiful in her shirt. he decided that this was the view he wanted for the rest of his life. he wanted her to be in his shirt everytime after a match — whether they won or lost.

almost as if he was slapped to reality, Leo went over and engulfed the woman in a hug. she totally didn't expect it but her smile widened and she wrapped her arms around him.

"hi , you did so good" she said into his ear , causing him to visibly relax. he pulled away and kissed her on the cheek. "thank you" he said with a smile.

"thanks for the love and affection , Leo" Celia spoke sarcastically just as he did moments ago , causing everyone to laugh. Leo pulled away from his hug from Ally and went to hug his mother.

it wasn't everyday that they were at his matches , seeing as they lived all the way in Argentina. but he appreciated everytime they did come to his matches. he really loved his family.

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