cuarenta y siete.

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to say that Aleyna was nervous , was an understatement.

and Leo wasn't any better. even though he tried to make things more calming for Aleyna and reassured her that everything was going to pan out fine , he was nervous himself.

both of their parents had arrived yesterday and had clicked instantly. Lucia and Celia were both hinting at wedding talks , everytime Aleyna or Leo were in the room.

Sebastian and Jorge got on well and Luis had a great time with Maia , Mateo and often played with Thiago in the backyard.

tonight was going to be the night that they tell everyone about the pregnancy. Aleyna and Leo had told everyone it was just a little gathering since they were getting too suspicious — especially Sofi.

Sofi , Luis and the kids were at their house in Barcelona , getting ready for tonight.

the backyard was decorated in beautiful pastel yellow and white. the large table were already up and ready and the cooks were just making the food and platters in the kitchen.

Aleyna was upstairs, laying her clothes on the bed and took the hairtie out of her hair. she ran a hand through her hair , noticing it had grown longer.

she put the hairtie on the vanity next to the vase of flowers Katia had sent her — as a congratulatory gift. it was obvious Cristiano had told her about it.

Aleyna didn't mind , though. whether she was married to Cristiano or not , she and Katia were still good friends.

Aleyna opened the huge doors of the ensuite bathroom and closed it behind her , turning on the shower.

she stripped from her previous clothes and draped a white towel around her body as she stood outside of the shower, waiting for the water to heat up.

she stuck a hand out and let the water fall over it , to ensure that it was the perfect temperature.

once it was up to her liking , Aleyna let the towel fall to the tiled floors and stepped into the shower. the water fell on her body and created instant goosebumps.

Aleyna grabbed the body wash from the corner of the shower and began to wash her body. the door of the shower opened and Leo entered the shower aswell.

Ally turned her head at his presence and smiled when she saw him. she stuck her hand out and held the bodywash out to him. "wash my back , please?" she asked.

he nodded his head and motioned for her to turn around. he placed the bodywash on the washcloth before handing the bottle back towards her.

he began washing her back and let his hands roam around her lower back  Aleyna felt a chill ran up her spine at the feeling of his fingers on her skin.

he brought his hands back up and started to rub the soap on her neck , aswell as on her arms. he leaned forward and pecked her cheek as he did so and she blushed.

Leo rinsed her under the shower , making sure the scented soap was fully off of her body. he reached behind him and grabbed the cherry scented hair shampoo.

"come on" he said and brought her closer to him by her waist. he began putting the shampoo in her hair and rub his fingers on her scalp.

Aleyna let out a groan as she felt his hands in her hair. "that feels good" she muttered and he smiled at her before running his soapy hand through her brown hair once again.

Leo turned Aleyna around , so that she is facing him. he rinsed the entire shampoo out of her hair. Aleyna looked up at him and just admired him.

her hands fell to his waist as his were in her hair , making sure everything was out.

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