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a best friend

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a best friend.

all Aleyna ever wanted was a best friend. who she can talk everything with , share her secrets or ask advice. and she made her first best friend in her first two years of living in Madrid.

Aleyna and Cristiano had moved to Madrid two years after they got married since he got a contract at Real Madrid. it was a big club and Cristiano loved it so he wouldn't give up the chance to play for them.

Aleyna was at a local gym when she met her current best friend , Lyra. she was a dirty blonde haired girl , always full of life and very supportive too.

Aleyna instantly clicked with her. they went to a couple of brunches together , she came over to Aleyna's for a barbeque and sometimes , Aleyna went over to her house.

Aleyna and Lyra grew very close. they were like sisters. Aleyna was there for her , just like she was there for Aleyna.

Lyra had promised Aleyna to keep the secret of Aleyna and Cristiano. she had helped Aleyna around the house , went on grocery shopping trips with her. helped her with her overthinking , everything Aleyna ever wanted.

Aleyna had helped Lyra too. she was there for Lyra's engagement. she was there for her wedding , she was there for Lyra's babyshower and she was there when Lyra gave birth to her and her husband's son - Santiago.

but like every couple , Lyra and her husband - Giovanni had their problems in their marriage.

seeing as Aleyna absolutely loved Lyra and Santiago, she didn't bat an eyelid when the two were on their doorstep , with their luggage in their hands.

Lyra was crying as Santiago latched on his mother's arm. "please Ally , i have no one" she had cried and Aleyna instantly grew concerned.

she pulled the two inside and got them seated. Aleyna had struggled to get Lyra to calm down. "tell me , what happened? was it Gio?"

Lyra couldn't form any words and struggled to talk through her tears so Aleyna gave her time to calm down.

"yes , it''s Gio. he...he kicked us out" Lyra spoke and Aleyna frowned. "he hit me"

Aleyna listened as Lyra chocked on her tears and brought her best friend in for a hug. the blonde clinged onto Aleyna as the brunette caressed her back.

the house was silent , the only sound that could be heard was the sobs of Lyra. Santiago was just looking at the ground , probably scarred of seeing his father hit his mother.

Aleyna wasted no time and got a bedroom for Santiago and Lyra in her house. Lyra was her sister and she loved them.

"are you sure you're okay with this?" the dirty blonde had asked after she wiped her tears and Aleyna smiled. "of course i am"

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