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Maia let out a squeal once they walked onto the pitch. she let her hands fall out of Leo and Aleyna's and ran to the group with her fast little legs. they watched as she attacked Pedri's legs , causing the boy to squeal.

once he saw her , he smiled widely, picked her up  and swirled her around. he placed a big , fat kiss on the side of Maia's head , making it known that they all really adored the little girl.

everyone's attention flew to Leo , their faces filled with shock and confusion as they looked at the beautiful woman at Leo's side. yes , they were all confused and curious as to who she was.

"let's go. i promise they'll be nice" he said with a slight smile towards Aleyna. she took a breath and nodded her head , walking beside him. he had thrown his bag at the side where the staff was and guided Aleyna to the group.

"hola Leo" they all said , hugging him and dabbing him up. Maia looked over at Ally and waved at her as if she wasn't just with the woman. the sight made Aleyna's heart melt.

"and who is this , may i ask?" Aleyna turned her head to a very young boy with brown hair. it looked like everyone was glad that he asked. they all stared at her with curious eyes.

"this is my friend , Aleyna" he introduced her to the group. "hola Aleyna" they all said — weirdly in sync.

"hola" she said softly , waving at the with a smile. one by one , they all started to introduce themselves — the one trying to sound more charming then the other. it was comical to Aleyna. they were cute. like little babies.

"'re single, right?" the boy from earlier said , swinging an arm around Aleyna's shoulder. he analyzed her , to see if she felt uncomfortable, letting out a sigh of relief when she didn't.

Aleyna let out a chuckle. "yes but...unfortunately you're too young for me" she said , patting him on the shoulder. he feigned a look of hurt and placed his left arm across his heart.

"Gavi , your heart is on the other side" Ronald deadpanned him , chasing everyone to snicker. the boy rolled his eyes and switched his hand.

"but we can work it out. i mean...19 isn't so bad" he said with a small pout. Aleyna looked at him and patted the top of his head. "you're cute"

he smiled brightly , looking over at the guys. "she said i'm cute" he pointed excitedly to himself. his teammates shook their heads at their teammate , everyone slapping him at the back of his head.

"she's not into you , Pablito. me however" another boy said with a smirk , bumping Gavi out of the way , making him fly into Frenkie's arms.

"okay , enough" Leo said with a small glare towards his teammate. Ferran pouted and took a step back from Aleyna and went back to where he was a moment ago. "she's not interested in you guys. go away" Leo spoke.

Ansu looked between the two of them. he saw how Leo got annoyed with everyone trying to hit on Aleyna. he saw how Aleyna looked at the ground with a blush on her cheeks.

"oh....oh" the Spanish boy said , a small smirk on his lips. Pedri narrowed his eyes. "what is it?" he asked. Ansu was always the first one to know everything about everyone. it was weird.

the dark skin boy shrugged. "nothing , nothing. let's just go train" he said , patting them all on their shoulder blades. they shrugged , hummed and nodded their heads.

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