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Aleyna had seen him at his best and his worst

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Aleyna had seen him at his best and his worst. she have been there for him when he scored his first professional goal , when he scored his first international goal , when he won his first award — she was there but not exactly quite there.

if there's one thing Aleyna Garcia hated , it was attention — as cliché as that may sound. she hated going to overcrowded places , especially ones where she'll be judged and criticized by people she didn't even know.

she liked her safe space. she liked being in the corner of her room, reading a book and drinking her tea with honey mixed in.

he always called her weird for it , not understanding why she couldn't just use sugar like normal people. obviously Aleyna didn't even try to explain since he would only shook his head at his wife.


Aleyna remembered the first day she met Cristiano at a local restaurant in Portugal. she remembered that he was the only thing she could see. she instantly fell inlove.

Cristiano , however , only had one thing on his mind. and that was football. it didn't take long for him to notice the little crush she had on him. Cristiano then told her — "trust me , i don't have time for girls or relationships" — which , Aleyna understood since he was great at it.

ever since the Garcias moved to Portugal , Aleyna had heard about Cristiano from some of her mother's friends. he was described as sweet , caring and such a nice boy.

of course , Aleyna had to see for herself. their whole suburb had talked highly of this Cristiano and Aleyna wanted to see what it was about.

she had walked down the streets of Madeira , a blue iced slushie in her hand when she saw a couple of children playing football , stopping for a car to pass through the roads every now and then.

one boy in particular stood out to her. he had on some black shorts , his t shirt long forgotten and his hair was wet , most likely from sweat and he was standing with his hands on his hips as he looked at the other boys with a smile.

he was beautiful.

Aleyna had stopped a little girl that walked past her , a skipping rope in her hands. she immediately recognised the girl as her mother's friend's daughter.

"hey Liza" Aleyna had said and the girl looked up , a smile on her lips once she realised it was the Spanish girl.

"oh Óla , Ally"

Aleyna looked back at the boy who was conversing with another boy back and forth. she nodded her head towards them. "who's the boy with the black shorts?"

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