cincuenta y siete.

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the room was all too familiar.

Aleyna sat in the same chair she had been sitting in a year ago.

Miguel was in her lap , with his favourite blanket scattered on his legs while he was turned towards his older sister.

Maia was playing with Miguel's little feet and watched in amusement as he giggled at her , his dimples making an appearance every now and then.

Sylvia took off her glasses and smiled. she carefully put them on her desk and closed her notepad.

"you look happy" the therapist said. Aleyna felt her heart grow and she smiled. she nodded her head as her palm went over Miguel's back.

"i am" she confirmed. Sylvia leaned a little forward.

"you know , Aleyna , it's people like you that gives me reason to continue doing my job" Sylvia spoke.

Aleyna felt her heart beat out of her ribcage.

"a year ago , you felt like you had the weight of the world on your shoulders. you broke down several times , felt like you weren't worthy enough of love and children — but look at you now" Sylvia spoke. Aleyna felt the tears prickle in the corner of her eyes.

"you have an amazing boyfriend who'd go to the ends of the earth for you and you have two amazing children."

Aleyna tried not to let the tears fall. "life works in mysterious ways , doesn't it?" she questioned with a little chuckle , causing Sylvia to smile.

"it does , indeed"

Aleyna pulled Miguel closer to her and secured him in her lap. he continued to wave his arms at his big sister.

"so , tell me everything and your journey throughout this" Sylvia said.

and so Aleyna told her everything. from the beginning stages of the pregnancy, to the baby showers and to the birth.

"and what about your ex husband? have you seen him again?" Sylvia asked. Aleyna hummed and nodded her head.

"i did. i saw him at a restaurant on my birthday." Aleyna spoke. she softly ran her fingers up and down Miguel's back.

"and? how did you feel?"

"normal," Ally started. "there was nothing triggering when i looked at him. i didn't resent him or want to throw him off a building" she chuckled.

"he has a girlfriend and i'm happy for him" Aleyna spoke. Sylvia hummed and nodded her head. "there was a time when his entire career almost went into shambles" she continued.

"and although he deserved it, i'm happy he's back on track and moving on with his life." Aleyna spoke.

"do you think your new family has given you that perspective on life now?" the therapist questioned.

the Spanish girl nodded her head. "i do. Leo and Maia made me forgot about all the hurt and trauma and when Miguel came along it all vanished" Ally smiled.

"that's good. that's really good" Sylvia spoke. she couldn't refrain the smile on her lips.

"and what about your business in Madrid?" Sylvia asked Aleyna. she watched as Ally got comfortable on the chair.

"well , i thought about selling my shares" Aleyna spoke , nibbling on her bottom lip. Sylvia raised her brows. "really?"

the Spanish woman nodded her head. "yeah. i haven't talked to Leo about it but....i think it'll be for the best."

Sylvia nodded her head in understanding. she leaned forward and ran her pointer finger against Miguel's chin.

"hey there" she spoke with a kind voice. Miguel turned his head. "hello" Sylvia continued. Miguel smiled and giggled as she did so before he put his face shyly into his mother's chest.

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