cuarenta y nueve.

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"it's almost time" Aleyna whispered as she looked over at Leo. he looked over at the time and yawned before he pulled the covers off of his legs. Aleyna did the same , rubbing her eyes with the back of her hand.

Aleyna walked to the bathroom as she brushed her teeth , with Leo beside her , washing his face. "should we go and wake them up?" Aleyna asked and he hummed as he began to brush his teeth.

Aleyna walked towards the walk in closet and pulled a sweater over her upper body. she ran her hand through her hair one time and threw it into an unneat bun.

Leo walked in seconds later , pulling his own hoodie over his head and taking the gifts for Maia that was sitting in the bottom of the closet.

"is that everything?" she asked softly and he nodded his head.

the three months went by quickly. before they knew it , it was May — Maia's birth month and they had to prepare and buy everything for her to make it memorable.

this was Aleyna's first time with Maia for her birthday and she was so excited for it. she definitely went all out with the little girl's gifts.

they had went to the doctors the day before and did a check up again. Leo took her to the doctors after he had cut his training session short.

they had heard the baby's heartbeat once again. neither of them could ever get used to the sound.

especially Aleyna.

Dr Gomez said that the baby was healthy and that it has the ability to open and close its fist. the baby's final organs were developing in their final shapes.

the baby was the size of a kiwi.

no matter those much they saw the sonar pictures and how much they heard the heartbeat , everytime was more and more mesmerizing.

the time was currently 12 am and Aleyna and Leo decided to wake Maia up to surprise her.

"oh , you guys are already here" Aleyna said as she saw both her and Leo's parents downstairs. they were putting the table runners on and the men put the gifts on the table.

"yeah , we want to see her reaction" Lucia excitedly spoke. Luis was next to Leo , as always and they were chatting up a storm.

"Leo, go get her. i'll get the cake" Ally spoke and Leo nodded before running his hand through his hair and walking upstairs.

Aleyna went and took the strawberry flavoured Barbie cake before taking the lighter out of the cabinets.

Leo was walking down the stairs with Maia who was half asleep. she had her hair down and her doll clutch into her side as she was on her father's hip.

Aleyna light the four candles on the top of the cake before placing it on the top of her palms and walking towards Maia.

the little girl was wide awake when she saw all the presents and her eyes widened when she saw the cake in Aleyna's hand.

"happy birthday to you" they all began to sing softly as Maia shyly looked down. the lights were off and the only source of light were those on the candles , and the streetlights outside.

Aleyna placed the cake neatly infront of Maia as they continued to sing for her.

"now make a wish" Luis excitedly said as they finished singing for her. Maia looked up and she made a mental wish before blowing the candles out.

everyone clapped for her and she smiled widely before throwing her arms around Ally's neck. "gracias mami" she muttered and Aleyna's eyes burned before she slowly rubbed Maia's back.

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