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the Spanish girl's leg bounced as her back was comfortably pressed against the chair

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the Spanish girl's leg bounced as her back was comfortably pressed against the chair. her fingertips were tapping soundless against the armrest and every now and then , she would take a huge breath in through her nose.

it had been three days ever since she settled into Barcelona. the first night was absolute hell as she kept overthinking about her problems. each problem seemed worse than the other , making her head spin and hurt.

Aleyna couldn't take it anymore.

so she did what was best and took Leo's advice. so now , she was currently sitting on the comfortable chair , a tall glass of water on the coffee table and the therapist on the opposite side of her.

the woman was clutching her little notepad in her left hand and the black pen in her right. she had her black hair in a braid and some glasses in her nose.

she had a friendly aura.

"how does everything make you feel?" the woman  — Sylvia Gomez asked the obvious question. Aleyna was snapped out of her trance and lifted her head , making her eyes meet the woman's.

she let out a breathy chuckle and fiddled with her fingers. "like complete shit" she answered , her voice trembling as she spoke her mind. "care to
elaborate?" Sylvia asked.

Aleyna sighed out loud. she didn't want to be here. but she knew she needed it. she needed to talk about it. she needed to get it off of her chest.

"i uhm...i don't know where to start" she replied the woman , her eyes on her fingers that were still fiddling on her lap.

"start anywhere you like"

Sylvia looked at how Aleyna's nose flared a little , how she gulped and saw how the wheels in the woman's head turned. how scared she was. how she didn't want to let the words out.

"i regret it" Aleyna started , her eyes not once leaving her hands. "I regret falling for him. I regret marrying him....I regret it all"

it was harsh. it was words Aleyna never thought she'd be able to say.

"I don't know why I didn't just stay at home. why did I ever get into that car?" Aleyna whispered, tears brimming in her eyes as she still looking down.

she sniffled as her nose burned and her throat ached. the last thing Ally wanted , was to cry infront of a stranger.

but she couldn't tell the story without the tears falling.

"this isn't your faul-"

Aleyna chuckled and slightly shook her head. "yes it is" she spoke , cutting Sylvia off. the woman shut her mouth , just letting the woman talk.

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