cuarenta y ocho.

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Aleyna was now 10 weeks pregnant.

2 months and 2 weeks.

the time had gone by so fast. although she loved the pregnancy and all the hormones that came with it , she was also excited to hold her baby in her arms.

the baby was now fully formed and weighed about 0.14 ounces. they went to the doctor two days ago and they listened to the heartbeat for the first time. it was an emotional time for both Leo and Aleyna.

the Spanish woman couldn't stop thinking about it and it fully clicked to her that she was actually carrying a baby inside of her stomach. she cried out of joy for the umpteenth time.

she had experienced some extreme fatigue , she was bloated most of the time, her nausea was getting more prominent than ever , her breasts were sore and she had been having difficulty sleeping.

she had also been getting some heartburn , often had to go to the bathroom and received lower back pain. it freaked her out the first time but Dr Gomez said that it was common in most early pregnancies.

so , safe to say that she was going thought a lot and this was only the beginning.

but through it all , Leo was always there. he was always there to make sure both her and the baby was okay. whether it was giving her a foot massage, running her a bath or buying her loads of orange juice and pickles — he was always there.

Sofi , Anna and Rosabel — aswell as Pablo , Pedri and Alejandro had been texting her and calling her atleast once a day to make sure she was doing alright and asking if she needed help with anything.

it warmed Aleyna's heart how much they adore her sand their unborn baby. she was so happy that they were happy for her and Leo.

Pablo had already bought a lot of baby clothes , as early as it is. he snuck a Barcelona shirt in with his name on the back — obviously Leo saw it and scoffed, telling the boy he'll throw it away.

after that , Pablo had gone on and on about how he deserved to be the godfather and requested a fight with Luis.

it was heartwarming to see their support for the couple.

both Leo and Aleyna' parents were still there and Maia was always with them. both of the women refused to leave ever since they learned about Ally's pregnancy. they wanted to be there for the entire rollercoaster , aswell as for the birth of their grandchild.

Aleyna and Leo didn't mind though, seeing as Aleyna was more tired than anything and always wanted to sleep.

everyone was already asleep and this time at night , Aleyna would be happily snuggling into Leo's arms with a content smile on her lips.

but not tonight , though.

he was in Madrid at that moment , playing against Atletico de Madrid. Aleyna was missing him more by the second and the fact that she's watching him on television didn't help one bit.

he had been gone only a day but Aleyna had missed him and put on his huge shirt that smelled like him.

every time they showed his face on the screen , she felt like going to Madrid that instant.

his side of the bed was cold and her eyes would shoot full of tears everytime he scored a goal or was shown on the screen.

the only good thing things about the game was Barcelona leading 3-1 , with Leo scoring two goals. the game was almost over and Aleyna was happy since she could call Leo and talk to him.

the game went by quick , including the extra minutes. the referee blew te whistle three times, indicating the end of the game and the three points when to the Blaugranas.

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