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she stood by the window, leaning her shoulder against it as she stared outside , watching the beautiful sunrise. Aleyna loved this view. she found herself always wanting to stand there and watch the sun rise or set.

a cup of steaming hot coffee was in her hand , warming her entire body , seeing as it was cold outside. her sweater was barely covering her body and she only had her leggings on.

thoughts were swarming around in her mind. she was still trying to process the fact that she has feelings for Leo. it made her head spin and a knot form in her stomach everytime she thought about it.

ever since she realised her romantic feelings for him , everything about him made her think twice about their friendship.

he always managed to make her smile.

he always knew when something wasn't right.

he was always there when she needed comfort.

when she accidently overdosed , he was the one sitting next to that bed.

she felt the most when she was with him.

when she looked at him , she didn't see just a person , she saw a comfortable place that she has created out of him.

she felt loved.

she felt at home.

she just didn't knownhe felt exactly the same.

the tears pricked in Aleyna's green eyes at the overwhelming feeling as she just took everything in what her mind was telling her.

her nose burned and she felt like she didn't have enough energy to hold the cup of coffee in her hands.

footsteps were heard and she made sure there weren't tears in her cheeks before turning her head around to face Leo.

Aleyna's mouth went dry and she gulped  , quickly bringing the cup up to her mouth and taking a sip of the coffee that had cooled down a little.

she heard him come closer to her and goosebumps formed on her body. "buenos dias" she heard his familiar voice.

he had no shirt on and his shorts hung low on his hips. his black hair was messy and hung over his forehead.

"good morning" she said after she swallowed her coffee. "you're up early" he said and she nodded her head , feeling nervous all of a sudden.

"couldn't sleep"

Leo hummed and his brown eyes fell on something in her hand. the rose gold locket. he slightly smiled. "i see you found it"

Ally lifted her eyes from her cup. he could see the confusion swimming in them and nodded down to the locket. "the locket"

"you put it there?" she asked and he smiled , nodding his head. "take it as a gift from me and Maia" he said and her heart melt.

the way he smiled at her was a sweet sight.

"you didn't have to" he playfully rolled his brown orbs at her words. "of course i had to. i wanted to"

Leo felt his heartbeat sped up as her green eyes stared into his brown ones. she could make him nervous with just a single glance.

her eyes were mesmerizing.

she was so beautiful  , that it drove him crazy. it baffled him how Cristiano could ever cheat on this woman. she was like a rare piece of gold.

she brought light into every room she stepped into.

she made him feel comfortable and happy.

Aleyna was like a bright , perilous flame that draws him in.

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