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it had been three days since Leo had brought Maia to meet Aleyna and the two couldn't get enough of each other

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it had been three days since Leo had brought Maia to meet Aleyna and the two couldn't get enough of each other. Aleyna grew attached to the young girl. she savored every moment she had with the girl. Maia made her smile without even trying hard.

right now , Maia had forced them into going to the beach with her. she had packed herself a little beach bag and took her father's large sunglasses and put it over her small nose.

Leo had drove them to thebbeach , buying all three of them bowls of ice cream. he ordered vanilla while the girls ordered strawberry and chocolate.

he noticed how happier Aleyna had been the past three days. how she bonded with Maia and how his daughter loved her. Maia wanted to be around the woman all the time. it was like they were the two best friends and Leo was the third wheel.

he didn't mind though.

Aleyna and Maia had both been smiling and that was all that mattered to him.

the sun was out and it was hot inside the car , only making the girls want to get out. "put on your sandals , Maia. we're getting out" Leo spoke.

Maia nodded her head , making her pigtails bounce against her chest. she slid her sandals on , making Aleyna glance at her and smile.

everytime she looked at Maia , when the girl played with her hair or when they hugged each other , Aleyna wondered how one can love a tiny person so much.

sometimes, the feeling overwhelmed her. in a good way. but sometimes , she wondered if that is what it feels like to love your own baby. to share a bond with a child. she would always sigh in disappointment, when she reminded herself that that she would never be able to have that experience. 

"can you put sunscreen on her?" Leo asked politely as he stared at Aleyna. Aleyna turned her head around to face him, her breath hitching at how close he was.

she could see every detail of his face. Aleyna bit the inside of her cheek and cleared her throat. "yes , of course"

she hadn't realise that car came to a stop and they were infront of the beach. her heart was still racing in her chest , even after Leo pulled away and opened the car door. Aleyna didn't know why. and frankly, she didn't want to know.

Maia was already unbuckled and the car door was already opened. Aleyna slid her sandals on her feet and walked onto the warm sand. "hello bonita" Ally said , causing Maia to smile shyly.

Ally bend down and rubbed the sunscreen into her hands and then onto Maia's small body , making sure every skin of Maia was covered in sunscreen.

Leo's — who was standing on the other side —  eyes traveling over to Aleyna and Maia. he smiled fondly at them.

they were wrapped up in some kind of conversation. Maia was giggling at whatever Aleyna said and the Spanish woman had a dimpled smile on her face.

Leo's breath hitched at the newfound feature. he was sure her dimples were now his favourite thing about her. he wanted to kiss them and trail his fingers over them.

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