cincuenta y seis.

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Leo made sure everything was perfect. he wiped his hands with the dry cloth and put it in the sink. he looked around the table and smiled at his effort.

the house was quiet and the lights were off. the only light source was that of the sun that was slowly rising. the fireplace was on , warming the entire house.

the footballer glanced towards the clock against the wall.

5:45 am.

he smiled.

he had enough time to get ready since Aleyna and the children will be awake at this time. the house was fairly quite recently since their parents had gone back home two days ago.

both Aleyna and Leo had done a great job with handling both children. they had figured out what time Miguel woke up and what time Maia did.

Leo rushed towards the spare room where some clothes were. he got dressed in some sweatpants and threw a plain white shirt over his head. he ran his hand through his hair and went to the bathroom to brush his teeth.

after he was done , he walked out of the spare room and closed the door behind him.

he could hear the faint cries of Miguel coming from his and Ally's shared room. they had brought Miguel's cot into their room since they had a movie night last night , while Maia also decided to sleep there.

Leo walked towards their bedroom to see Aleyna sitting with her back against the headboard. Miguel was on her lap , drinking from her and Maia was also awake , rubbing the sleep out of her eyes.

Leo took this time and went downstairs while Aleyna was accompanying the children. he could hear their faint voices talking to each other.

back in the room , Aleyna was smoothing out Maia's hair , while the little girl was playing with Miguel's little socks.

the boy had began to move his legs and arms around slightly , so he pulled back when Maia tickled his feet.

Miguel pulled away from his mother and stared at his sister with the brown eyes he inherited from his father.

"are you done , now?" Ally asked and Miguel turned his face towards his mother. "are you full?" she asked him and he turned his face towards his sister once again.

Aleyna took that as a sign that he was done and composed her shirt once again. Maia , knowing the drill , got the white cloth that was on the nightstand and put it on her mother's shoulder.

"look at you" Ally said , ruffling Maia's hair , causing the girl to smile shyly in return. Aleyna turned Miguel around and rubbed his back , burping him.

Miguel let out burps after burps as Ally lightly tapped his back. when she didn't hear another burp , she looked back at her son. "are you done?" she asked and he put his face into her neck , causing her to smile.

Aleyna took the cloth and wiped his mouth before holding him in her lap. Maia took this time to play with him.

the bedroom door opened and Aleyna looked over. the first thing she noticed were a bunch of red roses. there were probably three dozen of them.

Leo peeked his head above them. "hello , mi amor. happy birthday"

a huge smile stretched over Aleyna's lips. she didn't even notice today's date. "oh my god" she breathed out.

Leo smiled and put the bunch of roses on the edge of the bed. Aleyna placed Miguel on his back on the bed before she opened her arms for a hug.

Leo didn't waste any time and wrapped her up in a hug. Aleyna put her face in Leo's neck and he slowly rubbed her back up and down as he took in her familiar scent.

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