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back to square one.

opening up to Leo felt so good to Aleyna. she thought she wouldn't be able to open up that easily after what happened. but one look at the Argentine footballer and she melted into a puddle of nothingness. it was like she wanted to pour her heart and soul out to him.

but honestly speaking , Aleyna was embarrassed.

she was embarrassed that her husband cheated on her, with her best friend , multiple times , under her roof , while she was there. and the best part? they had a whole son together.

a kid that Aleyna took under her own wing. she loved Santiago. she still does. he was the sweetest boy and would always make sure to bring her beaded bracelets that he made at school.

he was so sweet.

it's a pity that he had Lyra for a mother.

so many thoughts were swirling in her head. it was making her go crazy. she was alone with her thoughts for too long. she thought she was getting better.

she met new people , made new friends and even  moved to another city — but still , they found a way to haunt her. to remind her of stuff she never wanted to relive again.

the champagne bottle was sitting on the counter , half empty. Aleyna lost track of how many glasses she gulped down. the glass was tall , making her drink more than she should.

the television was on and it was dark inside. Aleyna kept rethinking of everything that happened. how she accidently found out about the affair , what Lyra said to her , how her parents warned her — everything.

her green eyes was focused on the plain wall on the other side as her finger traced the rim of the glass , picking it up and gulping down a huge amount of alcohol again.

she never drank. it was never her style. so this was a huge surprise to her. she didn't know what it was about the alcohol that made her want to drink again and again.

she wasn't drunk , but she was definitely definitely in a state that wasn't considered normal.

he didn't know how it made her feel to see that paper. to read what was written on it. not to mention all the things they did while smiling in her face.

her eyes was bloodshot red from the crying from earlier. she was so tired. it felt like she was suffocating. everything was too much.

it's like she was in her happy place and all of a sudden , a huge cloud was hanging over her head. it felt like she was getting drowned in her own thoughts.

Aleyna stood up from her seat. her legs felt like jelly — most likely because of the alcohol. her hands grabbed the glass and she emptied it , sipping every drop of alcohol.

she placed the glass back on the table , pouring some more champagne into the tall glass , before carefully taking it and walking up the stairs.

she tried to so hard to keep her eyes open. she climbed the stairs, trying to look where she was going.

was all of this worth it? was disobeying her parents and losing them in the process worth it? was getting married to him worth it?

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