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if there was one thing that Luis Suarez was good at besides football , it was matchmaking

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if there was one thing that Luis Suarez was good at besides football , it was matchmaking.

his wife thought it was completely ridiculous of him when he suggested that his brother in law — Lucas and a girl called Samara should get together. Sofi thought he was out of his mind , seeing as the two had nothing in common.

Luis hadn't paid attention to his wife and still plotted getting the two together in his mind. everything was perfect. he had suggested they all have a movie night.

they were a tight group , only 5 of them sitting in the cosy living room. halfway through the movie, Luis had forced them to leave one by one , leaving only Lucas and Samara in the living room.

once his blonde haired wife saw what he was planning , she had swatted him plenty of times on his bicep and at the back of his head, causing him to wince and rub them.

Sofi thought that was childish and ridiculous of him to do.

so imagine how long Luis rubbed it in her face when three years later , Lucas and Samara had gotten married.

Sofi hated to admit that he was right and that he was a magnificent matchmaker. that wasn't enough for the footballer , as he demanded her to write him a essay of 300 words on how much he was right, how much she loved him and what a great impact he makes on the world.

Sofi looked at him and scoffed. she refused. he narrowed his eyes at his wife. she still refused.

three minutes later , she was sitting in her living room, scribbling words on a paper , with Luis sitting on the couch with a satisfied smile.

he could almost see how perfect a person is for the other.

hence why he smiled wide like a Chesire cat when he heard the news Leo told him.

Leo was still standing against his car as his fingers tapped against his thigh. "holy shit , really?" Luis still couldn't believe his plan was working.

when he first met Aleyna , he instantly thought of Leo.

his thoughts didn't change, even after he found out she was Cristiano's wife. he was shocked , but he still mentally pictured Aleyna and Leo together.

Sofi knew what he was trying to do. she talked him out of it. Luis felt bad when he found out what Aleyna was going through. his thoughts of getting her and Leo together wasn't out of his mind completely , but he knew that she needed time to process everything.

she didn't need another relationship when she just got out of one.

he was about to leave it all. he wanted to let her live her life and not interfere by bringing Leo into the picture.

but when he heard that Leo offered to give her a plane ride to Barcelona, he knew that even though Sofi banned him from making any moves between them , that he was secretly rooting for them in his mind.

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